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  1. popacom

    7 Ton USMC truck info

    I am lost ball in tall weeds on this one,but gonna throw it out and see where it leads.... I've been told by several sources that the Caiman II-MTV MRAP's and the current 7 tonner MC truck share lots of parts including wiring,guages,etc.etc.etc. I am trying to get copies of any TM's that...
  2. popacom

    Ft.Campell CUCV road trip pics....popacom

    We had a huge time out on Ft.Campbell CAN point p/u .Got 4- ea. M-1008 p/u's and an M-1009 Blazer........saw lots of military eye candy,and got to talk with Jason GL's Campbell rep. ..........super helpful and he even took the time to give me a call after we left to tell me he was pleased...
  3. popacom

    Trailer Identification

    I was trying to buy a low slung 30' electronics van off fleabay but lost cell connect mid bid and lost....anyhow the ad said it was a Tactical Mission Van trailer"...real low slung,kinda reminds you of a single axle beverage trailer in shape...and from what I gathered from data plates was mfg...
  4. popacom


    M-1032e1 CUCV 4DR. 1Ton dual wheel 4X4CONTACT :whistle:Thought all the CUCV guys might get a kick out of my latest project. I am designating it a M-1032E1 as a truck I always felt would have been a usable truck in the inventory.......Like things that are a bit different! I bought the cab and...
  5. popacom

    Memphis to Shippensburg VIA Lexington,KY

    Memphis to Shippensburg ,PA and back VIA Lexington,KYanyone along the route? Wanted to post that I will have transport logistics available in the near future. alredneck will be coming from memphis to Winchester ,Ky dropping a Suburban and will be available for loads between Ky to Pa.and...
  6. popacom

    Possible Denver area recovery

    May need someone in the Denver area to trailer a cucv size truck from a sale site and hold until my freight line can Pick-up. Anyone that might be able to assist please respond as I need to have logistics in place before pulling the trigger on this deal. Thanks!!!! ppopacom / BILL in KY...
  7. popacom

    M-116A2 VS. M-116A3 Differences

    I'm thinking of selling my super nice M-116A2 Pioneer tool trailer and buying a M-116A3 flat gen trailer. But I am not sure of the major differences between the M-116A2 and the A3 version ,correct me if I am wrong but the A3 uses the HUMMWV rim and tire and has the stepped axle assy.? what are...
  8. popacom

    Ctis info: Looking to find

    I am in process of putting together a SOCOM modded Pinzgauer that was originally modified by Special ops types W/CTIs H1 dropgear assy's and I am looking for Air/Electrical schematics of the original Hummer set up as most of what I have appears to have been taken from the factory system...
  9. popacom

    Anybody recognize this tank?

    I been talking to guys in the Deuce forums and I found several people searching for a purge tank for their radiators on their trucks. They were all in what I refer to as" Marine mode " you know.............NO offense Marines (actually a compliment) "IMPROVISE,ADAPT, OVERCOME !!!" Well I'm...
  10. popacom

    Deuce surge tanks

    I was talking to several different guys in forums who said they were looking at adding some sort of radiator puke (surge ) tank on there trucks and several pretty horrid sounding adaptations were discussed, none of which in my mind sounded pleasant to look at much less functional in use...
  11. popacom


    Well here goes................I've got a Pinzgauer that SOCOM sexed up then they wrecked and subsequently de-milled and sold as scrap thru G.L. I need someone with some knowledge of these mods to help I.D the parts they used in this chassis...
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