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    New Hampshire bob job

    I could not help it. I just had to do it! The BOB job has started. I removed the bed using an old heating oil tank and a couple of tires. Pulled it off with my tractor onto a trailer. The rear end was a bit#$. I then cut 35" off of the frame (used my plasma cutter). I removed the fuel tank and...

    Speeding Deuce

    I was on my way back to my shop two weeks ago (M35A2) . When i was about .5 miles away i passed two highway patrol suvs. I thought "THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD" (I WAS DRIVING WITH OUT A PLATE ON THE REAR BUMPER). I put the hammer down and went flying into my shop driveway and came to a stop at...

    Workin on my widened rims

    I have to say that i am impressed, I can not wait to see the finished wheels!! COOL!!

    wtb M35a3 headlight buckets m915,m920

    Looking for them for my M35 I Have been looking for the mounts and headlight as well to add to the lighting on my M35. I to would like to know where to find them.

    Mt. Washington Valley (New Hampshire) Rally this summer??

    Right now I know of 4 that are interested in having a rally in the Conway, New Hampshire area. We are working on finding a place that can provide a place to camp, swim, MUD, and hang out for a weekend this summer. Who would be interested and what activity would you most like to see. Any ideas...

    Rules Concerning Posts About Guns

    My name is jason i am addicted to green and guns, they go together well. It is sad that we have to worry about making some kind of impression rather than enjoying sharing these things. How ever i understand and will follow the rules of this site.

    Saracen mk2, buying one for cheap.

    Here is the beast, she came today, roll back tow truck had to go 35-45 all the way due to the weight. Now it will have to wait until the end of april to try and start.

    M35 Trucks are here....few problems

    I paid 2,000.00 for 450 miles. This was the second delivery and no issues on his side. Plus he has insurance and knows what he is doing. I plan on using him again. It makes more sense to buy 2 trucks each time.

    M35 Trucks are here....few problems

    They arrived today! One truck must have had hood damage after i paid for it. The truck with out a winch has no brakes..GREAT!!! The truck with the winch Is HARD TO TURN RIGHT...Great!! These trucks are very clean, I just know i am in for days of work....The price of Green fever. The Saracen will...

    Won my first GL auction M1008 (FT Lewis)

    Nice truck, looks like it is in good shape!

    2 more m35 on the way!!!

    I am looking forward to the arrival of my two M35 trucks in the morning on Friday. I bought these from Drum a few months back and they have been sitting at a buddy's house since then. One has a winch, and they both have hard tops and heaters. The sickness is getting worse every day. Saturday i...

    Insurance ???????

    In New Hampshire, we just have a VIN issued by highway patrol. The trooper has no idea about anything, you provide the information, they check the manufacturer, you state the gvw. LIVE FREE OR DIE. Insurance has never been an issue, even with an M35.:-D

    Saracen mk2, buying one for cheap.

    I am working on finding some one to bring it to my shop. Once it is here and i have the manuals maybe i can figure it out. Where are parts for the b81? I can not wait to get this thing running. Thanks for all of the input.

    Saracen mk2, buying one for cheap.

    I have caught the green fever big time. I headed over this weekend to look at the saracen. Of course i took some pictures. The history of the vehicle is unknown to a large extent. It has been sitting around for almost 10 years. It did run and was registered for the road in 2006. The guy who...

    Complete Oil and Lube Job Question

    I just drove one of the trucks about 15 miles with motor oil in the transmission, can I just drain it and refill it, or should we flush it first?

    Complete Oil and Lube Job Question

    We just checked the data plates, they are both LO 9-2320-209-12. Apparently we are two dumb asses!! We are still new to all this..We used 75/90 gear oil in everything except engine and transmission...OOOOPPPPSSSSS!!

    Complete Oil and Lube Job Question

    Acording to LO 9-2320-386-12 It states 15W40. I thought it smelled like gear oil but the LO said 15W40. Maybe i am looking at the wrong LO.

    Complete Oil and Lube Job Question

    Today we (Northwoods and Ostrich911) changed all of the fluids in our trucks, minus the brake fluid. We are not sure how much motor oil goes in the transmission. We drained it and then filled though the side until fluid came out. Is this correct, it seemed to be about a gallon +. Also looking...
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