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  1. Monty

    Strange noise from new 818

    I finally got my 818 here, (my newest GL purchase), after going through a preoperation PM, I found that three of the 6tls are bad. After pulling the two batterys out of my duece I got the truck to fire right up. I put the transmission in reverse and let out the clutch I heard a squeling noise...
  2. Monty

    Drexel gardens IN to Waukesha Wi

    I need an m818 moved this week September 16th, pickup between 0900 -1400hrs, delivery is flexable. Thanks Chad
  3. Monty

    Air Presure Issues

    I can't seem to build much presure in my air system on my M54, it builds around 15 psi and thats it. I pulled apart the air govener and cleaned it and reinstalled it but it still won't build more than 35-40 psi? I looked through the manuals that I down loaded but neither one explains the air...
  4. Monty

    Need some help with a trailer question

    I'm looking to get a 28ft stake bed from GL, I'd like to pull it with my M54 until I have the funds to buy a tractor. I'm looking for a pup trailer ( I think that's what there called) that will allow me to hook up to pintle on my 5ton and pull a 5th wheel plate behind. I see trucking companys...
  5. Monty

    816 VS 819

    Can someone please help me. I'm looking at a wrecker I was told that it was a M819/ M63. Can someone please explain to me the difference between a M819/ M63 and a M816. I see that the M819 was an older wrecker (looking at the data plate) but I'm confused I thought the M816 would be older than...
  6. Monty

    M54 winch question

    Can any 5 ton have a winch installed? I looked at my transfer case and I don't see any PTO access. There is a cover on the rear of the transfer case but it looks to be for inspection, can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks
  7. Monty

    Window glass

    When I purchased this truck the pasangers side front window and drivers window were broke, can I use automotive safety glass or is there a special glass needed? If I need glass were can I get it from? Thanks Chad
  8. Monty

    Air cleaners and parts forM54

    I have a 1958 M54 with the gas engine, It runs rough so I pulled the air duct from the air cleaner to the carb off and started it, and it runs way better. I removed the oil bath air cleaner soaked it in parts cleaner and let it dry. Is this all you have to do to it besides adding oil to the...
  9. Monty

    I have some questions, about my new 5ton.

    I just picked up a 1958 5t, It needs some work to be road worthy so I have a few questions on getting all the information that I can about the truck. Were can I find the TM's referenced on the data plate to get the information on the truck? Since its a gas engine is it worth (better) to switch...
  10. Monty

    Were to find out more information

    I just purchased a 1958 5ton, gas engine with a 4 speed. Were can I locate more information about it? Are the gas engines worth keeping or should (could) it be converted over to diesel? Thanks for any and all help anyone can give. Ser# M543364 Date Dec. 58 this is what I was told was on the...
  11. Monty

    Would it be possible?

    I just purchased a 1958 5ton the rear axle was removed and the prevous owner put 52 inch tires on it, he said it currently should weight around 15k does that sound right? My other question is; 1. Could this be flat towed with a tow bar to a 1 ton pickup? 2. I have a 18k equipment trailer would...
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