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  1. Oski1042

    CTIS Controller for 1998 M1083

    Hi Guys ... I have searched all over the place for definitive information and have come up empty. Can someone tell me if this controller will work in my 1998 M1083 ?
  2. Oski1042

    LMTV Winch Maintenance

    Wondering if any of you guys have worked on the 11k winch on your trucks? Specifically I am wondeing what I can do to free up the spool on mine. I had a good workout pulling out the cable .... all 308' of it! I have done my standard wander through the TM's and could not find anything...
  3. Oski1042

    Rear Brake Issues

    I hope that the old timers around here will forgive the rudamentary level of this post. But I do believe there are a lot of LMTV owners that are on a steep learning curve and might find the following useful. When driving my 1995 M1078 on a gravel road, I noticed when I braked hard, I only left...
  4. Oski1042

    Brake Plunger Mystery

    Working on fixing a non-functioning front left brake on my 1995 M1078. I have confirmed I have air to the chamber and it is functioning properly. From there I pulled apart the plunger assembly. It was interesting because it was packed with grease that looked new. Anyway ... when I pulled...
  5. Oski1042

    Air/Hydraulic Unit Issue

    While replacing the air springs for the cab, I thought it would be a good idea to remove the Air/Hydraulic power unit and clean it up. I did that ... removed all the old fluid and cleaned it up. I did not rebuild it. When I put everything back together and lowered the cab I noticed puffs...
  6. Oski1042

    M1078 Trip Report

    Since I have owned my M1078, I have benefited from lurking on this site. I now feel compelled to share my recent truck experience in hopes that fellow visitors to this site might find it useful. I know most of you on this site have years of experience with these trucks. But I hope this is...
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