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  1. 74M35A2

    Turning Up the Pump

    This one is a pump turn up thread, but........I got that # from a lot of study on RV boards. They are a large user group of the 8.3L and always in hard quest for more power and fuel mileage. If I remember correctly, our timing is a very conservative 10 degrees. The general consensus was...
  2. 74M35A2

    Turning Up the Pump

    It’s not about Wes at all, actually. Fueling rate changes, if desired, should be done by the owners and use an EGT gauge. Situation could very easily happen where a city issues a citation for black smoke on take off, or a user melts their engine down, and then Wes is blamed. I typed in...
  3. 74M35A2

    Turning Up the Pump

    You guys are asking another dude to run all over the country for you. There are plenty of clear videos and explanations of how to do it posted right here that people took a lot of time to document. There is the zero-boost fueling screw on top (stop light take off performance), then the main...
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