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  1. 3dAngus

    WC3 Coming to Papa!!

    Zout, OK, so I'm guessing I'm slow. You apparently do repairs and restorations. Do you work at home, or have a business, or work for someone who has a business? It might be good for some of us, as well as yourself, if this was clarified. I'm sure you pick and choose, but tell us at what level...
  2. 3dAngus

    WC3 Coming to Papa!!

    Yes, and don't sell yourself short either. Knowledge is key. You guys know what you're doing. Not everyone can say that. I admire and respect you for it. Now, be sure to send lots of pictures. And if Zout comes down with a bottle of that special Evan Williams of his, let me know. I gotta have...
  3. 3dAngus

    WC3 Coming to Papa!!

    WOW! You guys are bad azzz. I couldn't even imagine how to start on that thing. It's one of the reasons why I remain here. So much to learn... Subscribed.
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