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  1. swbradley1

    Solar Charging Question

    I leave tender/chargers hooked to everything and never disconnect batteries on any of them.
  2. swbradley1

    Official 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) - Georgia Military Vehicle Rally

    It looks to me like the Nov date is the one selected. Clint isn't asking us which one we want, he is telling us that is the one. DT wins.
  3. swbradley1

    Harbor Freight Safety Recall

    It should be easy to spot the new recall as it is a horrible casting job from the looks of the video. Mine is actually the pin in the pawl is bad.
  4. swbradley1

    Harbor Freight Safety Recall

    Redundant I had my Dodge up on stands 3 months ago. My standard lift for just the front of the vehicle: 4 jack stands 2 military aircraft 10-ton jack stands 2 hydraulic jacks under compression to keep them from slipping out If something of mine fails you can bet the universe wanted me dead...
  5. swbradley1

    Harbor Freight Safety Recall

    I think I have a set that has a similar problem with the pawl.
  6. swbradley1

    2020 Haspin

    Okay, it is not back to normal. YOU MUST STILL REGISTER WITH HASPIN. Just got my number.
  7. swbradley1

    2020 Haspin

    I just tried the email method of registering and got a canned auto response. From reading the auto response I got the impression that they are open in June and that all the rest applied to May and earlier. I just called and basically the recording says something similar. They are open right...
  8. swbradley1

    2020 Haspin

    Hopefully it will change and not get extended every 30 minutes like Ohio's a-hole governor but Haspin is now closed.
  9. swbradley1

    2020 Haspin
  10. swbradley1

    M813 Starter Information Needed

    You'll be glad you did.
  11. swbradley1

    M813 Starter Information Needed

    I want to vouch for 74M35A2's gear reduction starters. We put one (Gimp did) in my 813 and would spin like a top with normal batteries, not 4 huge military ones. Awesome and can't say enough about them.
  12. swbradley1

    Upcoming downtime - Conversion/Update

    Good job Drew. I hate doing upgrades.
  13. swbradley1

    Day Trip Ohio-Indiana

    When are you going?
  14. swbradley1

    OHIO BMV Changed my Street Legal Title from Virginia to Off Road USE only

    That's what I do and have for 11 years Ohio. There are a number of people in the Preble County area that have MVs and the BMV in Eaton usually has their sh1t together. No problems. Now the stupid new driver's license is a different story. ;-)
  15. swbradley1

    R.I.P.- James "Neil" MacNeill Hendrix

    For the life of me I don't know why but I was going through posts unrelated and it suddenly dawned on me that it was "Neil" that had died. My wife had told me when it hit Facebook and I said yeah I knew him but it didn't hit me until tonight. I met him at Haspin the first year I went...
  16. swbradley1

    Military vehicle. radio group

    The cop is the FCC and not some spook agency. Keep up with the ARRL and you will see various scofflaws popping up the news from time to time. I'm just guessing but the fine would start in the neighborhood of $25,000 if you ignore them. I believe they will warn you but maybe not. Odds of it...
  17. swbradley1

    Military vehicle. radio group

    We tried. Several years with no luck. Other than the one time I contacted Drew out in his HMMWV from the command tent not much happened. I would have like for to do something. We had a thread with frequencies to use and everything. Nothing.
  18. swbradley1

    fuel tank won't drain

    Take an air hose and open petcock and blow some air up into the take. Might be a little rust or dirt.
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