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  1. Tow4

    Oh no. Another one with a problem with the 12V alternator 1 (driverside)

    Imagine that. Glad you got it figured out.
  2. Tow4

    Oh no. Another one with a problem with the 12V alternator 1 (driverside)

    You say you swap them from side to side and it works on the passenger side. How can the problem be in the alternator? If you followed my test procedure, The alternator would have worked on the driver's side assuming the B+ and B- wires were connected to the battery. Forget about the light for a...
  3. Tow4

    Oh no. Another one with a problem with the 12V alternator 1 (driverside)

    Make sure the ground is connected to the isolated ground terminal and not the case ground. Is the ground wire damaged, is it connected to the front battery? I know you said the alternator works if you put it on the passenger side, if that is true, then there is no ground to the alternator on the...
  4. Tow4

    Electrical Issue

    Sounds like the glow plugs are cycling. When I start mine it does that for a short period of time immediately after the engine starts. It's not more than about a minute. The cold may make a difference, but it shouldn't do it continuously.
  5. Tow4

    Two and a half tons and lifts

    Just jack it up and put it on jack stands. If you are working on an unimproved surface, cribbing might be better. These trucks are pretty high off the ground sitting on the wheels so clearance is not an issue. Every truck I have owned has spent time sitting on jack stands with all or some of the...
  6. Tow4

    Gulfway Ins. Limitation WOES!!!

    Kenny, I have my CUCV, M915, and M373 with Hagarty now. They were previously with Travelers through Gulfway. All of my vehicle info was sent to Hagarty from Gulfway because when Hagarty contacted me, they already had the paper work filled out. Can't imagine why they wouldn't do the same for you.
  7. Tow4

    Gulfway Ins. Limitation WOES!!!

    Gulfway is the agent, Travelers is the insurance company. Travelers is no longer offering the collector policies that cover ex-military vehicles (at least in Florida). The letter I received from Gulfway said that as of the expiration date, my Travelers policy would expire. In my case, the...
  8. Tow4

    Charging system help

    Have you done this? Testing Alternators
  9. Tow4

    5ton dump truck - mud flaps

    The M929 mud flaps do have holes in the middle and do fold so you don't rip them off. I have a drawing I made of mine. I'll look it up and post it.
  10. Tow4

    5 Ton CDL?? (Indiana)

    I've already been down these roads. Take a copy of the no tag displayed statute with you. Show it to the LEO that stops you. They will be polite (in my experience) and let you go. As for the CDL, I got mine. My reasoning was if something happens and there's an accident (I have a military...
  11. Tow4

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    That's not the reason. It would be easy for them to tell us no night rides. That would not be a deal breaker, most rally attendees that camp in the rally field spend the evening around a campfire visiting with friends.
  12. Tow4

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    I know this is going to sound stupid, but I can't help myself. How in the hell could the hunters hear the rally over the noise of the motorcycles and atv's running all hours, day or night?
  13. Tow4

    Not your regular Bobbed 6x6

    Just remove the washer on the transfer case shift rod that automatically engages the front drive and you won't have any problems using reverse. You can engage the front drive with the switch on the dash if needed.
  14. Tow4

    M373 Axle Swap

    I thought about doing this. But, how much do you really think you are going to pull the trailer? In the 5 years or so I have had my M373A2, it has had maybe 3,500 miles put on it including when I picked it up. My trailer already has a (never been on the ground) spare and I can buy quite a few...
  15. Tow4

    M939 Series and M915A1 Transmission Gear Range Selector Repair/Mod

    I noticed a gear shift problem early on with my M929 being slow to go into reverse. It felt like the selector was not going all the way into the reverse position. I discovered that one of the 4 screws that go into the side of the shift tower right below the plastic bezel was too long. Shortening...
  16. Tow4

    Official 2020 Georgia Military Vehicle Rally (20GMVR) information thread

    The weather this year was perfect. Maybe that was a matter of luck or related to the dates the rally was held. If the weather is better on average for these dates, keep them next year. While it's nice to have the field to ourselves, I don't think we can expect any venue to turn away a paying...
  17. Tow4

    Stock alternator regulator internal wiring?

    No. Click here. Testing Alternator
  18. Tow4

    Stock alternator regulator internal wiring?

    Both regulator terminals have to be connected to b+ to turn the regulator on.
  19. Tow4

    Stock alternator regulator internal wiring?

    It is similar, but not the same. CUCV alternators are isolated ground. The rebuild thread in my signature has pictures so you can see the differences.
  20. Tow4

    Gen 2 flickering

    The voltage regulator set point is 14.8 volts. If you are within .2 volts, the alternator(s) is working ok.
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