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    WWII Tri-Axle Dodge?

    Rod No, I did not. I have lost several items here to scrap thieves as I have two places were I store my vehicles. The worst was a WWII air drone trailer I found that spent it's life in a warehouse. It was stolen with two other trailers, plus two truck bodies, and all the trucks parts I had...
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    WWII Tri-Axle Dodge?

    I have had a couple of them. That is the WC63, Dodge 1 1/2 ton 6X6 with winch. It was mainly used as a troop carrier or to tow a small field gun. They were not that great of a cargo hauler, even if they were rated at 1 1/2 tons. Why the 3rd axle? glad you asked. The army rifle squads went from...
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