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  1. jdmcgowen

    Vietnam Deuce bumper-mounted wire cutter?

    This is what I found.
  2. jdmcgowen

    What are these for exactly?

    Thanks alot, Al. I know they will work to fix the troop seats on the M35's but not the correct part. Anyone on here have one of these trucks?
  3. jdmcgowen

    What are these for exactly?

    i just found the same item on one of the auction sites, They are 21 inches long, but I'm not sure if i can post a link of it or not for reference. Don't want to break the rules.
  4. jdmcgowen

    What are these for exactly?

    I think you're right. thats what i used them for, but they were a different length than the ones on my seats.
  5. jdmcgowen

    What are these for exactly?

    Ok, I've had these stakes for a long time. They are some sort of bed stakes I bought several years ago to fix my troop seats in my old M35. They were not an exact fit, however, they did the job. These are wood stakes with two holes drilled in one end diagonally apart and one hole near the...
  6. jdmcgowen

    Deuce low power.

    I had that problem with my old deuce and found the lift pump in the fuel tank to be the problem. Changed that out, it ran good again. Make sure it's delivering fuel to the IP. It can run with a bad LP. Not sure if anyone else would agree though. Just an uneducated shade tree here.
  7. jdmcgowen

    Well, I've got the fever again!!!!!!

    Yeah, a few years back I decided I had to have a deuce. Searched and searched and finally found one. It was a beauty, rusty, big, green, and ohhh that wonderful new car smell! Well I guess it smelled like oil and old dirty canvas.... Ahhhh absolute bliss. As time goes on, life took its course...
  8. jdmcgowen

    Oregon M35A2

    Ok I need to get another Deuce! Sold mine 2 years ago.
  9. jdmcgowen

    Select Vehicles on Hold GL WHAT?

    Anyone have any pics of these gauges glowing?
  10. jdmcgowen

    Fisrt Deuce

    Great story. I bought one last year, and I love it. It's just a hobby for me. I don't drive it enough, but I find myself on the internet (this site mostly ) thinking of what to buy and do next. You'll find out all sorts of things on this site. Most people on here are great. You have the...
  11. jdmcgowen

    Getting a deuce up to Canada

    They're ours, and you can't have them! My toy! Just kiddin' Don't know what to tell ya.
  12. jdmcgowen

    Second Gear

    I'll try that Stumps, thanks for the input. Been driving this thing for a year now and I'm still learning it's quirks.
  13. jdmcgowen

    Second Gear

    Well I'm not sure about the whole starting out in second, but my truck doesn't like to shift out of second when I'm down shifting to a stop. I'm guessing my syncro's are probably messed up, but I'm not sure what kind of a fix that is, so I haven't tried to tackle it. If it's an easy fix, I may...
  14. jdmcgowen

    M109A3 conversion in progress, setting the standard

    srodocker: Click on the file in yellow and open it manually. That's how I have to do it. Mastergunner53: Wonderful job, we need to see lots more of this. That is some great craftsmanship. Not many good carpenters around anymore. My father's a perfectionist and I'd love to be as good as he...
  15. jdmcgowen

    M35a2 V.S. my house

    What a memory. A little elbow grease and that house will be as good as new. Doesn't look that bad to me. I'd really glad to do the work for 3 or 4 grand. But sorry too far away for me.
  16. jdmcgowen

    Fair asking price for a deuce

    Well there is always someone looking to trade for one. I traded a 2007 Kawasaki klx250 enduro for mine. Bike only had 500 miles on it. I know I threw a lot of money away according to some.... but Hey I totally like this new hobby. My truck is a 1966 Jeep m35a2. NO WINCH NO HEAT, did come...
  17. jdmcgowen

    wheel chocks

    My Deuce made it's own chocks in my driveway. On a hot summer day my front tires sank into my hot asphalt. Works for me.:wink:
  18. jdmcgowen

    12V ?? how can i get

    Well there's one other way....... you take and peel back the insulation on one of your 24v leads, and carefully count the wires. Then you trim back half of them, and there you have it 12v. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA:roll:
  19. jdmcgowen

    I want a deuce

    Man you already drove one. There is no turning back now. You caught the green bug. Tell her you'll be miserable the rest of your life with out it. Tell her you can make money with it. Pulling out trees, hauling dirt etc. pulling people out when stuck, Hauling lumber to build her a new...
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