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    802 / 803 CT wire, was it cut to fit?

    Got an 802 that looks like it was 1/2 way through a rebuild and something has been wrong with every wire loom. Latest shenanigans is that the 003 and 009 wires going through CT1 were wound in opposite directions. Which may explain why the % Current meter doesn't work. Whomever ran the wires...
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    MEP-802a output contactor

    Got a new (to me) MEP-802a that looks like it was in mid-rebuild and they threw in the towel, but I'm making progress and now need some advice on the output contactor (K1). Some background: Picked it up with 75% of the panels having a couple of screws holding them down. Looks like a new (2010...
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    NHC-250 Dies at extended idle.

    My NHC-250 will drive great, but sometimes after idling for ~10-15 minutes it'll die. Especially frustrating when it's idling so I can run a crane off the PTO. No issues driving. About 1/2 the time it'll fire right back up if I try, sometimes I can crank away with no luck. But wait ~5 minutes...
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    Battery relocation bracket length

    Got a battery relocation box for a 939 truck, and need to lengthen the existing supports for it. From some measuring on my truck and looking at pictures, I *think* I need to add ~3 inches. But I'd rather be accurate if possible, does anyone who has the relocation box mounted know the distance...
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    A river ran through it...

    Also known as "How adding a 2nd fuel line turned into cab floor repair." Now I need to decide if I want to pull the battery box and see what's under it. Or punt for a few months.
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    That first outing of the year..

    Have run the truck (M923) to work and back a couple of times this year, but went down to the TrippleX for the military vehicles show today. Think I picked up more work that needs to be done that any other single day yet. About 1/2 mile from the location I look at my oil pressure gauge. 0 psi...
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    Ughhh.... $40 is more than $60 to GP?

    Bid $60 on a GP lot. (The min) For an item I could swear had a 12/14 date. Was told not high bid. Got an email a week later the high bidder backed out, did I want to re-instate my bid. Said yes. Was acknowledged as the high bidder by GP. Just got the notification it sold and went to a higher...
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    MEP-803a Crankcase full of fuel...

    Power went out last night. Started the generator fine, went inside and about 20 minutes later the unit shuts down. Low oil pressure. Check the oil, and it's not oil, the crankcase is full of fuel. So that's bad. It's gonna be at least a week before I can get the thing into the garage to get...
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    Is this how batteries die?

    Went to start the truck to move it before the windstorm we're supposed to get. Checked the NOCO before getting in, and showed charge 100% and in the green. Turned on the battery disconnect, hit the master switch. Battery gauge in the green. Truck to ON, ABS clickity clickity, Start...
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    Hiab 026T crane install

    Came upon a Hiab 026T loader crane for a decent price locally. Decided to take a bit of a risk on it, it had been a back yard find by a new home owner a few months ago, and he wanted it gone. Bit rusty in a few spots, so it's gonna need a paint job at least. Manual extension boom sections...
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    Cooland Tank Replacement

    So, how much trouble am I asking for with these bolts? PB and an impact gun, or some safer way to pull them out?
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    Kirkland Class Cars?

    Anyone going to the Kirkland Classic Car show this weekend, or have been? Thinking about taking the 5 ton, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience to share.
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    Knuckle boom mount?

    Went searching, and came up empty... Anyone have a knuckle boom crane mounted to a M923/925? Specifically behind the cab. Looking for how the exhaust got moved, and what you did w/ the downriggers.
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    Savagleable, or a boat anchor?

    So, took a chance on a 80 gallon tank to hook to my MEP-803 for an aux tank. Got it home and pulled the covers off of one port and looked inside... So my first thought was to not even bother unloading it. But I'm still kinda new to this, so this something that can be saved, or off for scrap?
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    Read / Unread messages

    Ok, so perhaps I'm missing it, but what are the rules around when messages go from unread to read? Example: I'll open a forum, see the list of messages, get distracted by life, come back in an hour and refresh. And everything is read. Or read some, and not have them show up as read, and then...
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    Weight of a NHC-250 piston?

    Anyone know the weight of just the piston off the top of their head? I keep forgetting to bring a scale in to work where my spare piston is, and it's the perfect shape for another use, if the weight is right.
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    Something change in portrait display?

    Some of my monitors are setup for a portrait display, the site used to look correct, but about a week or so ago the list view went a bit off. Something change?
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    diagnosing alternator output mep-803

    My 803 is showing discharge when running, and reading ~25 vdc charging. Read a thread about rebuilding the rectifier, but before I unsolder all that, there a way to tell if that's what's wrong? The AC tap is reading ~50 vac, which seems too related to the 25vdc on the charging circuit to be a...
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    MEP-80X case sealant

    So, while in the process of getting my new MEP-803a running, I had to disassemble some of the case. Now that I'm putting it back together, I recall that it had some type of sealant holding the parts together. While I could just grab something black and apply, this stuff was at least something...
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    Power waveforms & MEP generators

    Recently picked up a MEP-803a. One reason that I decided to get this was to solve an annoying problem, one of our UPS units refused power from our gas generator. (A Brigs & Stratton unit.) So part of inspecting the MEP was making sure it looked like it would solve that problem. So out comes the...
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