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  1. wgtactical

    Caiman MRAP for sheriff's department

    Here's a Caiman we performed some work on for a sheriff's department. Like all MRAP's, there's plenty of room for improvement on this equipment. Facebook Photo Album Videos: M16 testing Barrett M82 testing Heading Home
  2. wgtactical

    Cadillac Gage V100 and V150 transfer case

    Checking and adjusting the balance on the transfer case gearing, both takeout and NOS from original packaging. As well as being exceptionally rare, the transfer cases are also known for their noise, and when you see just how much the gears are out of balance, you can have a better...
  3. wgtactical

    v100 in 4th of July Parade

    Here's a short video taken from our v100 in the annual 4th of July parade here in Carrollton. I also included a photo taken by someone on the parade route.
  4. wgtactical

    V100 cruising downtown Atlanta

    We were there for a scene in an upcoming film and went for a cruise after the shoot.
  5. wgtactical

    Our last V100 video for 2014

    It's been an interesting year for us and there's several projects in the making that we hope to have a few finished up sometime near the end of the first quarter. Having that said, here's our last video for 2014. Happy New Year to all [thumbzup]
  6. wgtactical

    WTK: V100 Transfer Case value

    Curious if anyone knows what price to expect to pay for a V100 transfer case? I would really like to have a two speed variant that was found on the later V150, but those seem non-existent as well.
  7. wgtactical

    H1 HMCS to Military Slantback conversion

    We just finished the conversion from a 2002 civilian wagon (HMCS) to this military slantback "hybrid". I still need to complete a few more small details, but this is pretty much the gist of it. There's lots of custom fabrications that you won't find commercially available. Also plenty of...
  8. wgtactical

    Allison MT643 flanged yoke

    Does anybody know if there is a yoke similar to this used on a military truck? I'm working on a LAV150 and need to replace this stripped out flanged yoke on the output of an Allison MT643 and haven't had very much luck finding it. An Allison dealer said the part is a Rockwell number NECH...
  9. wgtactical

    My M715

    Here's a shot of the M715 I've had for about 16 years used to belong to a small fire department from my home town in Tennessee and was like new when they got it. Although I was a small boy when they received it on a federal grant, I still remember seeing "Sgt Savio" stenciled on the...
  10. wgtactical

    The ultimate M114 APC?

    Who knows...but it sounds good.
  11. wgtactical

    humvee gun ring question

    Has anybody seen NOS three piece brush type seals that pop rivet to the perimeter of the gun ring available for the late model top? Or know where would be a good place to look for them?
  12. wgtactical

    LAV150 rework for Florida Sheriff

    Here's another LAV150 coming out on the 1033 program. This unit was among several reclaimed by the US during the invasion of Panama in 1989 called 'Operation Just Cause' This one is pretty rough but wont stay that way for long.
  13. wgtactical

    WANTED center bearing for V100 drive shaft

    The Spicer number on the rubber cushion is 230658. Any help in locating one is appreciated
  14. wgtactical

    Armored Project Threads

    Here's a compilation of several armored vehicle projects we've done over the years. Kinda neat if you like that sort of thing 8) M2HB.NET • View topic - OSMWi GCSO SWAT M114 Intro M2HB.NET • View topic - OSMWi GCSO SWAT M114 crash repair M2HB.NET • View topic - OSMWi M114A1E1...
  15. wgtactical

    Anyone have tail light buckets?

    I'm looking for a pair so I can convert a civilian H1 over to the military LED tail lights. Any help is appreciated.8)
  16. wgtactical

    WTK: M60 part NOS or reparked?

    When you have a M60 handguard that you think is new, what can you look for to determine whether its NOS or reparkerized? Or is there even a difference?
  17. wgtactical

    Met another Vietnam chopper pilot today

    I got a chance to meet and talk with Tom A Johnson, A Vietnam chopper pilot who wrote a book called "To the Limit". Really an interesting guy and regrettably agent orange is finally taking it's toll on him. Glad to have been able to shake his hand "Tom A. Johnson flew the UH-1 “Iroquois” —...
  18. wgtactical

    armored vehicle compilation video

    here's highlights from several videos
  19. wgtactical

    WTK: Hydraulic pressure on V100 circuit

    Does anyone know what pressure the hydraulic circuit for power steering and the winch runs at on the V100? I'm trying to see if the pump mounted on the 2006 5.9 cummins will work for this.
  20. wgtactical

    Any Cummins ISB gurus here?

    I have a 2006 300hp 5.9 Cummins from a motorhome that I need to take the EGR circuit off it. Has anyone here done this, or know who has?
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