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  1. fordlotus

    Pulling stump with M108

    Is that a rear winch on the m108 in the middle picture that is recessed? I've been trying to learn more about the difference between the m108 and the m60. I found something on the internet that said the m108 has the truss beam rear suspension. I bought one recently that looks almost identical...
  2. fordlotus

    700R4 swap in M1009?

    I've been down that road a few times. I'm not by any means an expert but just have learned from experience and trial and error on these tranys. I will help to the best of my knowledge. Between my dad and I we keep 3 of the m1009s running with two parts m1009's as support. We bought the...
  3. fordlotus

    OLD military generators

    I'm looking for information and any help I can get on finding or learning about a military engine used to power generators and i think hydraulic units and possibly some aircraft starting or support units. It was made by Teledyne/Continental. 6 cylinder, air cooled, 470 cubic inches. They are...
  4. fordlotus

    end use certificate

    Does anyone have any information on the GL "end use certificate"? Does the equipment have to be disassembled before removal? I know I would not get an sf-97 with it. What are the in's and out's of bidding on this equipment? do you have to sign the form before bidding? Thanks guys, Jeff
  5. fordlotus

    Lift kits

    I am too. I want a four inch to clear some 35's. I went and got one from rancho for the normal k5 and it wouldn't work by any means. Springs were too short, also 2 1/2 inch wide instead of three, not enough leafs, on and on. I was told these are 1/2 ton kits and next time I get into it I'm...
  6. fordlotus

    New member/1009 owner! Tranny problem/random questions

    It's been a year since I crawled under and messed with anything on one of our m1009 but this is what I remember. The vacuum modulator doesn't do much but smooth the shifting and I guess help it determine when. The vm is on the passenger side, has the vacuum line running into it and is held in...
  7. fordlotus

    Bridge Plate/Weight Classification

    I lucked out and found one on ebay that gave specs on it. It rotates up to 270 degrees. Thanks, the engine swap is a really neat idea.
  8. fordlotus

    Florida Round Up...

    It's not looking good for me. I'm still waiting on my air pack that was supposed to have shipped over a week ago for the 5 ton dump and the blazer just lost reverse. Taking the elantra over is still an option, but it would be a little out of place.
  9. fordlotus

    Bridge Plate/Weight Classification

    Wrecker question This may be a silly question for some of you, but does a wrecker have any pivoting capabilities with it's boom? It is only the crane trucks that can pivot to the side and the wrecker only extend to the rear? I was looking at removing the dump bed off one of the 5 tons and...
  10. fordlotus

    Florida Round Up...

    I think I could make it to Orlando if you guys were going to organize something. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'll have to check the calendar. I'm glad you guys are so close.
  11. fordlotus

    Florida Round Up...

    I'm new to writing on this site, but not new to veiwing and getting information from it. I want to get more involved with commenting and get togethers with this site. Dad was in the airforce for 27 years and of couse we love the equipment. We now have 5 cucv's and 2 m51a2 dumps. Just for...
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