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  1. mcv1964

    Towing M135 with a 5 ton M54

    Where in Montana you coming from? I live in Martin City MT up by Glacier Park.
  2. mcv1964

    Need help with value...M135

    I would explain to your brothers that this is not just a object but a legacy of your father as well as the military that this truck so faithfully served. If all else fails you establish the value of it and buy it from your mother. But the one thing to keep in mind is that family and blood are...
  3. mcv1964

    Locking hubs

    I'm curious of the pros and cons as well. Never thought of it or would understand why to or not to do it. Hmmmm
  4. mcv1964

    GL Lost Surplus Contract

    Aw the 70's when life was a bit cheaper! But then again so were the wages! I hate to be the bearer of bad news my friend because I too remember the 70's with fondness.... the 70's was almost 50 years ago ... ouch that hurt to say!
  5. mcv1964

    Steel Soldiers 20th Anniversary Logo Contest!!!

    i don't know about everyone else but I really like the camo lettering.
  6. mcv1964

    M135 M211 2 speed transfer case mod

    I'm getting excited for you and the prospects for all of us early deuce people!!!! GO BROTHER GO!!!!!
  7. mcv1964

    Steel Soldiers 20th Anniversary Logo Contest!!!

    What sizes are you thinking? I may have lost 130 lbs but I still wear a 4x if they don't shrink. a cotton blend or extra big sizes so they can shrink. Just thoughts.
  8. mcv1964

    M1102 Followed me home today

    Yup the MV bug has bit and found a home! Not that that's a bad thing.
  9. mcv1964

    M1102 Followed me home today

    And so it!
  10. mcv1964

    Fiberglass hard top from Idaho Motor Pool

    Where is the Idaho Motor Pool Located? What city? Not working on the Duece yet but will some day!
  11. mcv1964

    OHIO BMV Changed my Street Legal Title from Virginia to Off Road USE only

    For more than just this reason, I AM SOOO GLAD I LIVE IN MONTANA!! …. LOL! No offense ment to other states.
  12. mcv1964

    Custom Airlift Bumper Build

    very nice!
  13. mcv1964

    Rally's near NW Montana? OK within 500 miles?

    Ok, I see all these rallies back east, in central US and in California. Are there ever any rallies close to NW Montana? Now understand close in Montana terms is within 500 miles. Just curious. My rig is a long ways from running and drivable but it doesn't mean I don't want to look and hang...
  14. mcv1964

    Gmc 302 updates?

    Thanks for the info! I'm a long ways away from doing an engine swap but when I get the fram stretch and bus body on the back of my M135 I will want to be able to trvel down the highway with a converted bus/M135 RV. I just worry about powering up hills, that and stopping it once it is going...
  15. mcv1964

    Help Identify this Building Mover MV

    It just amazes me the wealth of knowledge on this site! [thumbzup]
  16. mcv1964

    Frame Stretch

    THANK YOU!!!! I really like this idea. It would make things easier when it comes to keeping everything level and square as well. Then for a little extra added insurance it could be tack welded to avoid vibration loosening things over long miles. I REALLY DO LIKE THIS IDEA!!!!
  17. mcv1964

    Frame Stretch

    I like that idea of getting frame from someone that is parting one out but I would still need to have two "Z" welds since I need more space in between the front and back wheels. That's bad for turning radius but if I add to the back,then for my bus project, I would have about 10 or 12 feet...
  18. mcv1964

    Military antenna conversion to AM/FM car radio

    I'd like that type of set up on my M135, so I anxiously await the answer.
  19. mcv1964

    Frame Stretch

    Boy someone else that is doing a frame stretch!! I need to add about 5 or 6 feet to my 1951 M135 so I can fit my 1951 school bus body, from the front window back, on behind the cab of the M135. I will then have a 1951 M135 bus! The problem I really have is I don't have a friend with a shop...
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