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    6.2 started ticking on me

    My money would be on injector issues. I had mine sound like that when it broke a nozzle. When it is idling crack loose one injector line at a time and see if the noise goes away.
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    the question about fuel adjustment screw of cucv 6.2 diesel engine

    Keith did a nice job of explaining it. The injection pumps diesel using two little opposing pistons inside the rotor, as the rotor turns the pistons are pushed in by rollers as they make contact with the cam ring. The pistons and the "leaf spring" are highlighted in the photo. Turning the...
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    adjust pump timing 6,2D

    When you start the vehicle for the first time in the morning and it is less than 10C outside does it run at a higher idle speed and sound louder? There is supposed to be a cold advance circuit that changes the timing when the coolant temp is below 40C (approx). This same circuit energizes both...
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    adjust pump timing 6,2D

    I don’t know what the timing specs are, that would be helpful to know. Is the cold advance working? Listening to it from my cell phone speaker sounds it sounds normal.
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    3/4 ton springs and ord flip

    Mr Sawzall has to come out to fit 37's with a 4" lift… Unless you never deviate from a straight line, or articulate your rig and have springs out of a Peterbilt. IMHO -If you choose wheels carefully (stick with around 4.5" backspacing) you can get away with 34-35's but it will be close.
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    steering gear adjust

    Anytime steering box adjustment comes up I figure it is a good idea to post the instructions from Saginaw.
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    Lets talk offroad upgrades .....

    Exact same carrier, bearings, R&P as before? If so you should be good to go. Hopefully it is a tight fit- if it slides right in you may want to take a close look at your carrier bearings.
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    Shackleflip and axle angle

    Glad you enjoyed the video. One of my buddies has an M1008 with an ORD 4” shackle flip and no pinion angle shims. It does okay on the road. I think it does as well as it does because the pinion is angled up so high that the pinion is pointed above the transfer case. The angles at both ends...
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    Shackleflip and axle angle

    Video from Spicer about driveshaft angles
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    Shackleflip and axle angle

    How big of a shackle flip did you go with? Math explanation. The Leaf spring is 56" from eye to eye. Lets say you drilled a hole in your driveway and put a pin in it. You placed one eye of the spring on that pin and put a piece of chalk in the other spring eye. Then you used the leaf spring...
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    Lets talk offroad upgrades .....

    The inner seals are a bit of a pain to replace since the carrier needs to come out. I made a press tool out of some random stuff in the garage instead of trying to swing a hammer inside the housing. The pinion seal isn't that bad to do, as the preload on the pinion is controlled via shims...
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    M1028 4.56 to 3.73 ?

    I know you are not asking for input on this- but in my opinion going to 3.73 gears is going to make OD (5th) totally useless unless you live in a flat place. I’d put in the NV4500 and tires first- then make gearing choices. My guess is that you will be happy with the 4.56 gears once you move...
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    Which 2wd Steering box for Crossover Steering?

    What you have in the pic is a manual box- not a power steering box. Totally different animal. I will add to my post from 2015- The earlier Saginaw power steering boxes (pre 1980 ish) have inverted flare fittings for the hoses. All the newer ones (CUCVs) used metric. There are adapter...
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    Transmission stall? Torque converter?

    Probably has a lot to do with 3:1 gears and 33” tires. Add the fact that the first gear in a TH400 isn’t that low.
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    Injector Pump - DB2 Rebuild

    Make a small press out of a c-clamp. With a quality c-clamp, a socket to slide over the pin and some penetrating oil you should be able to remove the cross pin without damage
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    I had the axle housing bare about 5 years ago, that is why it looks clean. Cleaned it with phosphoric acid, painted parts of it, put a new ring and pinion, bearings, seals, kingpins, kingpin bearings / bushings and brakes on it. At the time for whatever reason I did not replace the u-joints as...
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    Injector return hose side by side comparison. Tygon/silicone/Viton etc...

    Update- It has been 5 years with the viton hoses and everything has held up well. The only one that failed was the hose that had to be stretched considerably larger to fit on the steel “crossover” return pipe, and that happened years ago.
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    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    New u-joints in the Dana 60 on my project. About a month ago one seized up and made for some interesting turning from time to time. I was thankful that I had a good ball joint press to press out the old u-joints, and press in the new ones. New Spicer parts went in and it should be good to go...
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    Connecting rod bearing help

    A google search of "18007471 bearing" showed one other forum where an individual did a budget rebuild and found bearings with that part number inside his engine. That was it- no useful information, it was never stated what size they were. Your best bet would be to measure the crankshaft...
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    Injection pump questions.

    Excellent. With that news from Badger you should be good to go. The 24v cold advance solenoids used two connectors- the 12V ones used one. Leaving the connector there as a blank to fill the hole makes sense.
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