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  1. K9Vic

    Fred Williams has another CUCV - Check out the cool video from Dirt Everyday segment

    Some of you know Fred Williams or fcfred here ons SS, he had his M1008 stolen back in 2010. A few days ago on his Dirt Everyday show from Motor Trend on YouTube he posted a video about a M1008 he got. The video shows him trying to get it started and all the attempts to get it running. Pretty...
  2. K9Vic

    Home made direct drive starter bracket using angle iron - How to.

    The M1009 I am working on I found that the started bracket was missing for the OEM direct drive starter. So yet again I had to make one as they do not exist anymore and will see if that helps before I pull out the starter. Since this comes up sometimes I decided to make a separate post on how to...
  3. K9Vic

    M1009 recovery and first start up after possible 10 years sitting.

    So I bought another project truck this week from a local source and decided to document what I could with video. I was all setup to record towing it back and did so for the first 30 seconds until my GoPro fell down. Lucky it was inside and not damaged, but it missed the fun of towing it and...
  4. K9Vic

    Solution to M1031 generator control system using b4thundr Woodward Apecs controller

    When I bought my M1031 March 2012 the generator did not work, but the PTO was fine and spun it. The original controller system was there and everything looked correct with the wiring. I read up on post and found that I had some wires melted due to the exhaust and fixed that. Checked all the...
  5. K9Vic

    Antenna bracket mounting - simple cheap parts from hardware store.

    So on my last Suburban CUCV clone last year I came up with an idea to mount the antenna brackets from simple parts available at any hardware store. I got all my parts at Lowe's for this project and they are also available at Home Depot. So what I did is use furniture brad hole or T-nuts to hole...
  6. K9Vic

    My 1984 Chevrolet Suburban K20 4x4 3/4 ton CUCV clone #2 - AKA: M1007 or M1029

    I figured I would start this one from the beginning and follow up each weekend on my building of my second CUCV Suburban clone. It will be in my driveway Saturday May 5th and will begin the process of cleanup and the few mechanical issues. From there it is adding the front and rear CUCV bumpers...
  7. K9Vic

    My 1990 GMC Suburban CUCV clone AKA: M1007 or M1029

    Well I might as well start this tread since my CUCV Suburban project is about 1/2 completed. About a month ago I bought a 1990 GMC Suburban 2500 6.2L 2WD base fleet from a local city auction for $1000. It was a little rough on the inside, but the body was solid. It is not a 4X4, but I have had...
  8. K9Vic

    Picked up a nice M101A1 trailer today.

    Ran across this as a private sale, not auction and could not pass on it as it matches my M1031 perfectly. It is a 1967 Johnson M101A1 trailer with updated composite rails and newer camouflage top. It also have brand new tires and inside the bed is a spare tire holder. Does not have updated surge...
  9. K9Vic

    Help identify this trailer

    Ran across this for sale and wanted to know what this was, I did a search and could not find anything. Do not have allot of time to spend mouse clicking, so I figured someone here would know. My guess is that it is some type of bomb disposal trailer, but what one? EDIT: After I realized it...
  10. K9Vic

    Anyone win this 1976 Saracen from Public Surplus

    Auction is closed and was wondering if someone from SS won this Saracen APC from Sierra Vista, AZ? If I had the money and place to keep it I would of snapped it up. But was it a good price at $13000? Public Surplus: Auction #627872
  11. K9Vic

    Back from Hooks (Red River AD) after 430 miles and 12 hours

    Well I pickup up my second trailer I have bought from Hooks, TX at the Red River Army Depot and this time I did it in one day. Last time in December 2010 I left the night before and stayed over night, but that cost me an extra $60 that I did not want to spend. So this time I left at about 4:30am...
  12. K9Vic

    Did anyone win this M1010 from

    I was watching this and wish it was not so far away or I would have bid on it, shipping to me in Texas would have been like $1000 or more. The price is super cheap at $750 even with the 15% buyers fee. It was said it runs & drivers, but not checked by a mechanic, but with how clean it looks it...
  13. K9Vic

    Bought a M416 trailer - What year could it be?

    I bought a M416 trailer from a fire department that was used for air tank storage/refill. It was converted to ball hitch and the rear has a hole cut out of it where they accessed the air tanks. The tail lights are also converted and original missing. The rear does not open and looks like it was...
  14. K9Vic

    Need Glow Plug Removal Tool in Dallas/Fort Worth

    I am working on a friends CUCV and it has four swelled GP and I need to borrow someones glow plug removal tool. I am going to buy one, but want to get this done by the weekend. I do not want to remove injectors after breaking the ends. I would rather use the tool if someone has one. Thank you...
  15. K9Vic

    My M101A2 trailer is home from Hooks - RRAD

    My first EUC cleared in only 40 days for a M101A2 trailer and I picked it up today from Red River Army Depot in Hooks Texas toady. I used my M1009 blazer to go get it with a aftermarket Reese Class V receiver w/pintle hitch since it cruises at 70mph compared to pickup at 50mph safely. I got in...
  16. K9Vic

    Bought another M1009 today

    Well I went and bought a M1009 today from a local seller and got it home OK, had a few issues but will be able to be fixed. It is a 1984 with 96k miles, 4" lift, 35X12.50R15 ProComp tires, ProComp Rock Crawler 15" wheels, custom winch bumper (no winch), KC lights, Draw-Tite hitch and dash...
  17. K9Vic

    M1009 Lockout hub bolt question, not a allen bolt.

    I looked and did not really see what I was looking for and figured someone would know my answer quickly. How do you remove these hubs that do not have the allen bolt? Oddly my driver side has the common allen bot you would see, but my passenger side does not. Also looks like I have two...
  18. K9Vic

    So I was in Brookfield, WI and saw this M1009

    So I was in Brookfield, WI last week and saw this M1009 on the side of the road like it was for sale, but no visible sign. So I take a closer look and see one sitting on the front seat with a phone number, call it multiple times leaving a message and never get a call back. What is the deal, does...
  19. K9Vic

    Selling cucv outside USA exporting?

    Ok, if this has been asked before I did not really find a solid answer for my situation. I found this post, but it mostly talks about parts Shipping parts to other countries but does mention vehicles can not be exported if bought from GL auctions with an EUC. My CUCV was bought from a GSA local...
  20. K9Vic

    New to me M1009 w/pics

    Just bought a 1984 Chevy M1009 that came out from Fort Hood from a local guy near the base. Was sitting for at least 5 years going by a tag on it showing Fort Hood 2004. I put two batteries in it and it started up in about 30 seconds holding down the peddle like a cold weather start. I was...
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