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    Royal Purple Break-In oil good for our MEP’s?

    John deere dealer closed today. Want to change the oil on my low hour 802 and put in break in oil till 100 hrs. Local NAPA has quarts of Royal Purple Break-In oil. Pretty sure its 10w30 but i could be wrong. Is this oil good for my 802? THANKS!
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    Fuel level always showing full? MEP-802a Fuel level sending unit replacement.

    A couple months ago i noticed my fuel level on the guage was stuck at full even though the tank was almost empty. I went through the threads here and found the directions to the testing procedure for the guage. Then i decided, i’m way to lazy for that, and decided to make an educated decision...
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    Please help mouse proof my 802A.

    After last weeks outtage, i decided to do some general maintenance. My main concern was the mouse piss i smelled and some debris i saw. After taking the cover off, i did find some nesting material behind the control box. Thankfully it was only a start. Most of the mess was in the center of the...
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    On genset power. Storm knocked us out.

    Upstate, Albany, NY. FIRST major power outtage while awake since i moved here in 2012. Excellent and first real world test of the genset. Ugly storm rolled thru approx 8:40pm eastern. High winds, heavy rain. Lost cable ‘tv’, then lost power 1 minute later. SOMEHOW we still have internet...
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    My new load bank is a 5kw heater

    The guys over at garagejournal mentioned a sale on a 5kw garage heater for $69 back in mid december. I jumped at the opportunity as i just purchased a new to me gorgeous South Bench 13" lathe, which i don't want sweating in my garage and rusting up. Purchased around 12-16, delivered a few days...
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    Check out my new mini forklift..

    It's an army version of a Clark C20B. Used only by the mechanicsburg army national guard and serviced and tested regularly per the stickers and markings on the forklift. I playfully bid on and then unfortunately won this cute little forklift on govplanet about 10 days ago. $1050. She runs...
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    Govliq auction, i won it, then revisit and its got 19 hours added and active?

    I won an auction. I saw myself win it. It counted down to nothing. I was the highest bidder. Now i sit down for the rest of the night, revisit the auction to wallow in my joy of winning, and the auction is active, and has a magical extra 19 hours left to it.. What the frig ? Anyone have...
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    How to replace MEP-80x fuel tank well nut WITHOUT tearing apart your generator!

    I replaced my 802's fuel tank well nuts a couple months ago. The process was horrendous but I was happy to get it done. Being my unit has 26 original hours on it, i wanted to cover all bases on it to ensure reliability for the long haul. Needless to say, the dreadful feeling that came over me...
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    The official "How to omit & permanently seal 80x fuel tank drain hole" thread.

    The official "How to omit & permanently seal 80x fuel tank drain hole" thread. My fix with new bungs on my 2000 mep-802a failed. Lost 4 gal of diesel in less than a few weeks. Made the fix with new bung, assumed i was good. Went back couple weeks later, fuel leaked out. No clue what i did...
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    My MEP-802A gas tank is DEFINATELY leaking .. dang it ..

    SO when another member here was removing his tank for inspection and to replace his filler neck hose, i paid close attention as i could SWEAR i tippitty topped off my tank in february and when i checked in march, it was a tad low. Time passed and i forgot about it. I currently have some free...
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    Honda GX390 engine for pressure washer question.

    I aquired an industrial pressure washer made by Northern Tool at auction. Frankly i think this is the first time i may have been disappointed at pick up. Long story short it will take time to get real pretty to more than likely resell. Anyway, the pressure washer is a belt drive with a TS2021...
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    Diesel Brothers "Free Willy's" episode.

    Watching the show and the guy 'diesel dave' is sand blasting CARC off an m116a2 trailer with ZERO PPE except his long beard. GOOD GOD. THEN, later, the guys are attempting to start the cummins they installed in this willys truck with ETHER. Sweet jesus almighty.
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    Affordable option for 24v solargizer?

    So i was checking prices for the military solagizer for our gensets and boy are they expensive. I did find some affordable ones on ebay but don't know which i should be looking for or which are made in china knock offs vs the originals. Anyone have a suggestion please ? Thanks !
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    Are there any 30 amp single phase weather tight recepticles out there?

    So i got to thinking, unlike my o002a which requires i wire in the power cord to the lugs then connect to the house (may be difficult in the winter at night), i'm thinking of a way better way to wire up my 802a. The Outlet cable port on the 802a seems just the right size to install a 30 power...
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    What coolant & for MEP-802a? Precharged nitrite type or just green heavy duty type?

    What coolant & for MEP-802a? Precharged nitrite type or just green heavy duty type? I'm literally at the parts counter and dont know which to buy and how much. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks
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    My MEP-802a recovery from Fort Drum & work though to start project. Documenting here.

    My MEP-802a recovery from Fort Drum & work though to start project. Documenting here. Well i recovered my 802 yesterday with no major hiccups. I would like to start this thread to detail the recovery process and will also be documenting the steps i'll take hopefully to fet a nice runner going...
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    Fort Drum pick up question please.

    Today I won an auction for an mep-802a on a m116a3 trailer on govplanet, located at Fort Drum. Upon reviewing the pick up details it says : "No loading dock, ramps, or fork lift available. Only RGN (i guess goose neck) or trailers with ramps can be used to pick up this item at this location...
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    Question regarding EMP proof ability of mep-002a/xxxa type gensets please.

    Reading some stuff about the most recent, large, earth directional CME (coronal mass ejection). I remember reading many times that these gensets are supposed to be fairly EMP resistant. My question is, what is the procedure followed to ensure the gensets EMP resistance? I currently have...
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    Shipping costs for mep's from fort mccoy to east cost ?

    Considering bidding on some gensets in sparta, wi. Wondering if anyones ever priced shipping from sparta to anywhere else .. Im roughly 1k miles from sparta. Auction ending tomorrow. Hoping someone will chime in. Anything, just give me an idea if shipping is remotely worth it or not. Ty
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    Anyone replace 002/003 genset panel bulbs with LED's yet?

    Anyone replace 002/003 genset panel bulbs with LED's yet? PLUS FINAL PRODUCT I am finalizing everything on my 002a today. Bought the genset in april, finally finished tuning her, purchasing 40 ft of 10/4 soow with l1430 plug, and just got done building my genrator pad this week. Replaced broken...
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