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  1. Brian Thomas

    Front axle traction aid

    All this cause you want to run a 4 inch pipe? you dont want to spend money on it but you want to run a 4inch pipe on a truck that does not need it. if it means that much to you to have a 4 inch pipe and you dont want to spend money on it becuse of other priorities, then you best run it out the...
  2. Brian Thomas

    AZ: Deuce Shop Van RV Tow Rig

    From what I have read, the truck has been sold and the kid dont have it any more. No activity for over a year here or on or on Pirate. I would guess that he had to become a responable adult and some toys must wait.
  3. Brian Thomas

    Welding to a ring, lunnet?

    Cast and forged steel is very easy to weld. Preheat and a large fillet and sevral passes will get it done. If you are and ok welder then i would say take it to some one that is a good welder and has the experience to do the job. You would use a er7018 and a 6010 root to weld it but that is not...
  4. Brian Thomas

    Lets See Your 5-Ton!

    Lets see more! I know more guys than this own 5 tons. Some day there will be one at home.
  5. Brian Thomas

    Putting green to work again.

    Dude, that is cool as as can be.
  6. Brian Thomas

    Found this neat old GMC for sale in PA.

    Holy cow that is a lot of money.
  7. Brian Thomas

    Utah Convoy May 2010

    I checked the map and that will be a drive and a half from west jordan. I am going to try and make it work.
  8. Brian Thomas

    AZ: Deuce Shop Van RV Tow Rig

    You are in for a big surprise when you try to really use it. I love my gasser and it tons of fun but I could never use it like that. Too slow, loves gas, and a bitch to drive but very fun none the less. Have fun with it. A drive a ccrossed town and back in traffic is a lot of work.
  9. Brian Thomas

    What variant is this?

    The FMC pump product line has a long history of providing quality pumping products to all reciprocating pump markets. As time has progressed, the brand of the FMC pump product line progressed, also. Originally, the FMC pump product line was limited to only piston pumps and were known as “John...
  10. Brian Thomas

    What variant is this?

    That is not a comprssor truck. The tank is for fluid. If it was at a airport at one time, it could have been a de-ice spray truck or the likes of that. Truck its self seems to be in fair shape. Just in need of some tlc is all. I would bet with some work it would run like a watch. I have a...
  11. Brian Thomas

    What did you pay and what did you get

    You keep asking "what mileage?" Dude they suck fuel. Who cares. If you buy one thinking your going to drive it every day, your wrong. A toy is a toy and the cost to operate is part of the deal. Theres a reason most private "non busness" people dont own a dump truck or a Peterbuilt.
  12. Brian Thomas

    Depressing day

    Sounds like you should have just bought a new truck.
  13. Brian Thomas

    Question about boneyards overseas?

    why didnt you buy the frame on ebay that you posted the pictures of?. There is a reason you dont see these things on the road in civy hands.
  14. Brian Thomas

    Old 331 gas deuces?(M108)

    1- I am not your son. 2 - I am done with this debate.
  15. Brian Thomas

    Old 331 gas deuces?(M108)

    I dont think a 550 will cary 5 ton. The single axle would not hold up. Military trucks are rated for off road tonnage and will carry double its rated capacity on road. The New consumer trucks are not, like the F550 even a 4x4 model is only 6000 pound conventional load rated. They are not the...
  16. Brian Thomas

    Locked out of deuce

    well I rolled the window down and locked the door and closed it. It did not stay locked, I rolled the window up and closed the door.
  17. Brian Thomas

    Old 331 gas deuces?(M108)

    I find it not very realistic that a gas deuce could be better on mileage that a 3/4 ton small block powered truck regaurdless of make. The duece has a amll inch engine and is moving twice the weight and has half the gearing. If you ask 10 guys that all own the same truck for year and engine and...
  18. Brian Thomas

    Locked out of deuce

    This might sound stupid. If you are checking to see if the door locks, why not just roll the window down? This way you would not need to slim jim the door with a hanger or go in through the windshield? I will need to check mine but I think they will not stay locked when the door is shut.
  19. Brian Thomas

    What is this? image attached

    Do a search. I'm stupid and I found it., brian.
  20. Brian Thomas

    Old 331 gas deuces?(M108)

    So witch is it? I have read thet gassers can out run a multi and have heard multis can out run a gasser. I know 45 was not a problem and 62 was the top speed of my gasser with a 2003 dodge diesel chasing. Or is it merly a case of " I heard it so it must be true"? The truck I have runs out...
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