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  1. flainn

    MEP-802A strange behavior

    Hi, I've looked through the TM's troubleshooting procedures but can't find anything that addresses the random behavior I'm seeing with my MEP-802A. Since I got it, sometimes it acts completely normal. The control panel has power, it starts right up and runs just fine. I have load tested it...
  2. flainn

    Need water pump mounting plate gasket for MEP-802A

    Hi, I'm looking for a source for the gasket that goes between the water pump mounting plate and the block. Also, if I can get them, I'd like to replace the sleeve and preformed packings that go between the block and the water pump. Anybody know where I can get these?
  3. flainn

    Effect of no FU1 fuse?

    Hi all, One of the things missing from my MEP-802A is the FU1 fuse and holder. I've been able to find from other threads that a 30 amp ceramic fast-blow fuse should go in there; I'll work on finding a fuse and end cap. I'm wondering, does the FU1 fuse serve any purpose other than to let the...
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