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    My Mep-803a standby generator project

    This. Had a 803, now have a smaller sibling 802 that can parts doner a lot, or just take over depending on circumstance.
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    802 / 803 CT wire, was it cut to fit?

    I found some 450 degree rated wire on Amazon for a reasonable amount and just spliced it in with some marine grade heat shrink crimp connectors. Worked great. So what was a “won’t start, starter burned up” $100 auction buy that I figured was at worst a long Thanksgiving with Dad pulling a...
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    802 / 803 CT wire, was it cut to fit?

    Found it, but @ $5/foot. Ouch.
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    802 / 803 CT wire, was it cut to fit?

    Got an 802 that looks like it was 1/2 way through a rebuild and something has been wrong with every wire loom. Latest shenanigans is that the 003 and 009 wires going through CT1 were wound in opposite directions. Which may explain why the % Current meter doesn't work. Whomever ran the wires...
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    MEP-802a output contactor

    Oh ha.... I'd traced all the wires from K1, but hadn't done the continuity tests... Turns out one end of 100U wasn't stripped before it was crimped. Yet another reminder to double check everything. Especially stuff that looks "new"
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    MEP-802a output contactor

    Got a new (to me) MEP-802a that looks like it was in mid-rebuild and they threw in the towel, but I'm making progress and now need some advice on the output contactor (K1). Some background: Picked it up with 75% of the panels having a couple of screws holding them down. Looks like a new (2010...
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    LOOK! Jackpot! :)

    For everything but the generator I rely on PDF's. Got a complete set of 803 manuals (engine, parts, maintenance, etc) printed & bound for about $70 on thick glossy paper. Figure its the item I'll need to get running to read the rest of the manuals.
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    Distracted Driving

    Eh? Not sure I see the advantage or difference to hooking a phone to WiFi in the car vs just using the data plan. Now, the kid's Ipads in the back seats that I don't want to get sims and data plans for...
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    Distracted Driving

    I'm shocked that people started hiding texting after it was made illegal.
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    Stewart and Stephenson for landscaping?

    Get a quote some time on having a yard landscaped, not mowed. Depending where you are all the plants, rocks, etc can we well into the 5 figure range. Plus some places landscapers are the guys who do all the stone work around pools. $$$
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    Pallet jack to move MEP-803a around shop?

    Not easily. The pallet jack I have is too wide to fit under one direction, and too tall to fit through the holes in the skids. What I've done when moving one around is bolt 2x4's to the bottom to sit it on and them moved it around. Not sure I'd want to run it sitting on the 2x4's for any length...
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    Another 5ton towing scenario question

    Maybe I'm just not thinking right this morning, but: [/FONT][/COLOR]Those two statements seem contradictory. You want ot tow the weights. Not on a trailer, but in the bed? That's not how I think of towing.
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    MEP Emergency Jump Starting

    The more percise question that seems important is: Do you leave the charger plugged into 120V when starting and running? (120 will be available for test starts, and may be available while running based on what's being backed up...) Personally, I've left the charger plugged in, but try and...
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    MEP-803A Alternator Issues?

    1) What's the charging meter showing when the set is running? Should be showing charging when the set is first started, then taper down to 0, but always a bit positive. 2) Physic debugging: Bad alternator diodes. Just because that's what failed on mine. Easy rebuild if that's it.
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    synchronizer for MEP-803A

    Uh... Not from what I understood guyfang to be suggesting. To switch from grid to gen using the box to synchronize between grid and generator and then flip over, the grid power would need to come in through the box. Sure the house doesn't always draw 400A, (Nor even close since we've managed to...
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    synchronizer for MEP-803A

    House takes 400A service... Gen set puts out 52A... Skeptical the transfer box is rated for 100kw.
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    Question re: Loading MEP 802 or 803 onto M116A3 trailer

    I mounted a Hiab 026T on my M923. It's how I got my 803 off and back on the trailer when it needed more work than I could do on the trailer. Well, without moving the trailer into the garage...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    The small ones are 1000 gallons. 4500 gallons isn't uncommon. 70 MPH on the runway also isn't crazy. Dual 700 HP engines. They are amazingly fun to drive. And have a piercing nozzle to stick inside the hull if needed. Anywhere on the field in < 180 seconds. You could see the water spilling...
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Funny. I borrowed a used one. The safety strap was still shrink wrapped. It isn't anymore.
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    What have you done to your 5 ton this week?

    Added a Draw-Tite hitch. 6 frame holes to drill, no rear rivets need removal. And man, do I want a mag-drill now.
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