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  1. J

    Need advice on Genset wireing

    so my retired electrician friend passed away before he could wire in my MEP, Here is a video of the situation- he wired the house perfect- but then we decided to put the unit in a shelter- I brought #6 NMB to the shelter but he passed a few months ago, so- how do I splice #6 and how would you...
  2. J

    Wet stacking question

    A few years back I won the auction on a sweet 803A only to find it was wet stacked, I saved it with a 2 hour run at 100% with it throwing fireballs, so that was quite the introduction to a problem I had no idea existed. This past year I picked up a Honda EB12D 3600RPM unit with only 16 hours on...
  3. J

    Lets talk and over think Coolant

    I know the sticky daybreak posted says to use standard green coolant- are these iron engines in MEP's immune to the problem modern pickups owners are facing when using standard green? My friends power stroke had a hole eaten threw the block behind the water pump- the diesel shop said it was due...
  4. J

    Its not a MEP but I bought it

    Was lookin for a MEP for my father since mine works so well, but ran across a ultra rare 1999 Honda EB12D with only 16 hours on it, so I picked it up- one question for the gear heads in here- Should I replace the timing belt even at its low hours? The manual says not until 8K hours...... but...
  5. J

    MEP803A oil capacity

    I remember reading that the 803 holds a gallon of oil, correct? Just drained mine after a good 12 hour run after a fall windstorm before the leaves fell off the trees. This is the first oil change since auction pickup as the filter and oil were just changed prior to auction and I'm up to 6.5...
  6. J

    MEP803A Smoke- wet stacked, rings or injectors?

    My 803A smokes blue on startup, and at heavy loads- Originally I figured it was wet stacked and had dirty injectors but after looking at the smoke with my videos in other threads have been thinking maybe rings? Here is the winter cold start and summer running videos, is it worth a re-ring & hone...
  7. J

    803A cold start test

    803A cold start test 18F first cold weather since picking up the 803a did a 18F cold start with no glow plugs! fired right up perfectly! I hope the blue smoke is normal?
  8. J

    libby vs fermont?

    what's the difference?
  9. J

    Source for non-MEP generator parts?

    Hello, Let my friend use my old Honda EM500A for deer camp- he said that it went crazy. Checked the voltage and yup, after about 1 minute it starts putting out 180V then 2 min later goes back to 120V then back to 180V The funny part is his story with his corded electric razor reving like it was...
  10. J

    803A @ 115% ok?

    Well we had another power outage, (its still out right now) during the kiddos birthday party & a packed house with 8 kiddos under 6 & 3 cute chicks cooking for 3 family's bunch of crock pots's toaster ovens and microwave on. I quickly got the 803A running (before the wife could bitch about her...
  11. J

    Helping silly friends....

    Sorta mep related as my friend skipped a great auction that I showed him of 803's and 804's and picked up what he said was a superior unit for his gigantic homes backup. I have never seen this unit until he called me stating it was shutting down so I drove the 300 miles to his place to check it...
  12. J

    Why cant I use a 12V charger on the MEP's?

    im still confused why a normal auto 12V battery charger wont work, my Ohm meter shows my battery's at 12.8V Iget that the leads cross to make 24V after the battery unlike my dodge duel battery setup. Thanks, Joe
  13. J

    First power outage after MEP purchace= almost fun!

    First power outage with having the 803A in my garage, Friday morning at around 3am we got some wind and rain and boom- no power. Woke up at 5AM, fired up the MEP and did our morning routine flawless and left for work at normal time! 2hp well pump water heater Coffee maker Toaster oven small...
  14. J

    Install 803A in shop 55' away or?

    I just finished my outside 50A plug in for my 803A, was planning on just plugging in the 803 next to the house whenever power outages occur as I built a small ATV trailer for it and its very mobile- now I'm planning on building a pole barn- how much loss can I expect if I install the 803 inside...
  15. J

    First Real load on my 803a

    got my 50A wired in and put a 75% load on the 803A water heater and 2HP well pump alone did the trick. Ran the well pump 30 minutes strait while watering my lawn. Check out these crispy critters that came out, felt like it was hailing when I walked around the unit- lol. As everyone said the blue...
  16. J

    Silver eagle LTT-TQG

    I acquired one of these neat trailers with my MEP803A question is now what to do with it? I am open to ideas as I only have 2 thoughts 1. be super boring and just Sell it 2. Use it as a Fuel trailer and Sell the tires...
  17. J

    Sand in fuel tank 803A

    before filling the tank I decided to pop out the strainer and take a gander, Sand is present in the bottom of the tank even after draining. Should I try to flush it out with diesel in a garden sprayer while tank drain is open or should I just leave it alone?
  18. J

    Just picked up my 803A: story + questions

    Wow quite the week! won a rust free 803A on wed. It was located across the highway from the Yarma marine storage facility in Cali- 997 miles away. They said they would be available for pickup until 4pm Friday, luckily I already had Friday off for a hunting trip. Got off work at 6pm Thursday and...
  19. J

    802 or 803A?

    I first want to say Hello, my first post! I have been wanting to upgrade from my portable 3600RPM Generac 7550 EXL to a "real" genset for some time and only after seeing a 802A in the back of a customers truck did I start my research. Question is, would a 802A run my 50A emergency panel? If I do...
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