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  1. Bobert

    LED Replacement HMMWV Headlight Bucket Fit

    I got a set of Truck Lite LED headlights, got them installed but the 3 nuts on the back barely thread on. No room for a washer even. Is there something I'm missing? The old buckets had plenty of thread.
  2. Bobert

    What does this antenna mount fit?

    I'm pretty sure it goes on a humvee but I haven't seen one like it anywhere.
  3. Bobert

    Winch on sale today.

    Would this be a good one to put on a cucv? Looks like the one they put on humvees, I think it's a 24v.
  4. Bobert

    Will I fit in a FV433 Abbot?

    I'm thinking about buying the drive a tank groupon but I'm not sure if I'll fit in their tank. I'm 6'3" and fat. I've been in an m113 and fit in a porshe 911. The only British armor I've seen was a ferret and I think I could drive that. You guys think I'll he able to squeeze in? Just...
  5. Bobert

    Behr paint codes up to date?

    I am at Home Depot after reading all about the Behr paint jobs and I showed the paint lady my code and she asked how old it was. I said I thought maybe a year. She said their colorants have changed and are stronger and it would be easier to color match. Does anybody know if this code is...
  6. Bobert

    M35a2 winching out a M818

    I figured I should post this up It was pretty impressive to watch. It was during a mud road rally in Iowa. The guy in the m818 bought it just for the event with plans to sell it afterwards. Worn out tires didn't help but it was still fun to watch. The deuce is my dad's and had no trouble and was...
  7. Bobert

    Replacement transmission problem

    So I replaced my TH400 with a cucv TH400 and it went well. Last night I drove it around about 5 miles and it shifted great through all gears smoothly and did not slip at all. It sat over night and now it slips in the forward gears. In drive, I can't feel it engage but I can in 2 and 1 but it...
  8. Bobert

    What variant is this?

    What model is this deuce? I am pretty sure it's a gasser but i couldn't get the hood open and the data plates are in bad shape. Its been in a junkyard for a while and I can't figure it out.
  9. Bobert

    Rear bucket seats

    Has anyone put bucket seats in the rear of a m1009? Or any blazer? I haven't found one yet even on a civilian k5. Is there a good reason why nobody has done it? If you have thought about it, how would you do it? I have 2 sets of m1009 seats and free time.
  10. Bobert

    Transmission swap advice th400 to th400

    I am replacing my th400 that was rebuilt a year ago with an original out of a cucv with supposedly under 30,000 miles. Should I use the newer torque convertor or the original? Should I change the filter in the old one? I never really liked how the rebuilt one shifted, it always revved...
  11. Bobert

    picture test

    <a href="j20 picture by bobertm1009 - Photobucket" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="j20"></a>
  12. Bobert

    cucv Towbar tips

    I may be getting a parts cucv m1009 and using a medium tow bar to move it 400 miles. I hae a few questions about it. It has no engine, so would that make it tow better or worse? Would I need to add weight to the back of a 98 1/2 ton suburban? Should I extend the tow bar legs? if so how...
  13. Bobert

    Trans Slipping in 3rd

    *********************Correction on page 2*********************** My transmission is slipping in 3rd gear when it gets warm. It will drive normally for the first few miles then it will slip only in 3rd if I give it any throttle. It will also have a really soft shift from 1st to 2nd when it...
  14. Bobert

    Topless m1009s

    Did anybody take the top off this summer? I'd like to see some pictures if you have any. Here is mine.
  15. Bobert

    Jack nut removal

    I found another antenna mount that I forgot I had the other day and decided to put it on. I thought I would share my method of removing the jack nuts that hold it on. The first time I did it I cut it off but this time I got them out and reused them. 1. Break it loose with an impact wrench. 2...
  16. Bobert


  17. Bobert

    U Joint Question

    Where the rear driveshaft ujoint straps on to the axle, is there supposed to be a tab or groove that keeps the caps from sliding? Mine keeps sliding out, but the strap bolts stay tight. The front has a tab but nothing on the back. Is that normal? On a m1009.
  18. Bobert

    To Rebuild or not to Rebuild TH400

    The Transmission shop says my m1009's TH400 needs rebuilt. I've been doing some research and I think I might be able to do this over my thanksgiving break. AAMCO wants $1400 to do it. I always thought I wanted a 700r4, but I am wondering if my tranny was sucking causing me to get consistent...
  19. Bobert

    What did I bereak/ Fix?

    Before, when the transmission shifted, it gave a nice solid thump into gear. I recently took it on a short excursion where I pulled my jeep friend out where he got stuck and then later I put my passenger side wheels on the side of the trail and ther sunk to about the front hub (with 33''s). The...
  20. Bobert

    axle and transmission leaks and squeaks

    Ok, I don't know much about axles or transmission repair yet, But there is fluid leaking out of the back of the tranny, front of the rear diff, the diff seal cover. It sometimes makes a squeak and it sounds like the driveshaft ringing under light acceleration, but not often. twice, When I turn...
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