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    1999+ 6.5L marine motor, questions?!?!

    I have a new to me 6.5L marine NA motor with approx 4,500hrs on it. It has a little more visible blowby than the old 6.2, but otherwise the motor runs perfect and smooth. I just finished putting a turbo from an 07.5 Cummins 6.7 on it and cranked the fuel up about half a turn. Without the turbo...
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    Voltage regulator question

    I've searched for hours and haven't found the info I'm looking for. The alternator on the passenger side doesn't seem to be putting out. It's sits right at 12.0v at idle and drops to 11.6v with the LED lights on. Truck has been starting slow also, which I associate with the low battery...
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    85' m1008

    Finally getting a chance to post some pics up of the old truck.
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    Trying to figure out pic posting. Testing.....

    Tried a few times and failed, think I got the resizing down now.
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    All glow plugs failing @ same time?!?!

    I've had my truck for about 5 years now and it's always fired right up no matter how cold it was. Even in 25* it fired up with no smoke of haze. The last time I went to drive it, it took some cranking to get it to fire up. The resistors are good, relay is good, all 8 glow plugs read OPEN with a...
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    Tach install help. Need 24v switched power

    I need a little help installing a tach. I have a 24v diesel VDO tach out of a dozer that I'd like to hook up, but need 24v switched power. Is there any 24v switched supplies under the dash already? I wired it up temp to make sure it works, and it's dead on using the alt tap. I guess is worse...
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    Exhaust flow and sound question

    I have the stock exhaust on my truck still and it only has a couple pinholes at the end of the tailpipes. It works and it's quiet, but I'm thinking about some sort of aftermarket mufflers. Anything from cherry bombs, magnaflow, maybe even glass packs. The stock mufflers have to be pretty...
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    Low Coolant Light

    The low coolant light has been on since I've owned the truck. I've flushed the radiator and cooling system good and refilled with 50/50 mix. Light has been on since but today it went off for a few miles, then came back on. It lightly flickers from time to time now. It it finally annoyed me...
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    Driver side lean, need help leveling!!!

    I installed a Skyjacker 6" Lift a couple months ago and the truck has a noticeable lean to the driver side. In front, axle center to fender is 1.25" lower on driver side. In the rear, axle center to fender is 3/4" lower on driver side. With the stock springs it also was lower on the driver side...
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    Does the M1008 have a second fuel filter???

    Hello all, I have an 85' M1008 and been doing some reading and watching videos. In a couple of them they talk about the 6.2 having 2 fuel filters. One block filter/water separator for large particles and a screw on filter at the back of the intake for smaller particles. I looked and the mounting...
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    85' M1008 Pulley Question

    My truck threw a belt today, I figured it was coming, and I need a little help. The crank pulley is slightly bent or off center, you can see it wabble a little while running. The balancer is new and tight, it's just the crank pulley. Is there somewhere I can get a new pulley for this? I've...
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    85 m1008

    This is my 85' M1008. It was a FT Hood truck then purchased by the Gonzalez TX school district to pull busses out of ditches. They used it 16 yrs, averaging less than 1,000 miles per year. It had all fluids changed annually with Schafer synthetic. I've had it about 4 yrs now and put less than...
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