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  1. Sparkyz911

    Deuce starting problem and solution (in this case anyway)

    Hope this helps anyone with a starting problem similar to what I just experienced here. PROBLEM AND DIAGNOSIS Went out to start the '71 Kaiser. Flipped on the battery disconnect (its wired on ground side) and the dash master switch. Buzzer came on, gauges moved, fuel pump whirring. Hit the...
  2. Sparkyz911

    What color to paint stencils?

    Getting around to the safety stencils on the deuce. Its traditional woodland camo grn,bro,blk. Should I do the stencils in flat dark earth, gray, or desert tan?
  3. Sparkyz911

    Sparky's deuce

    Going on 2 years as a deuce owner and realized I haven't started a thread yet. Actually purchased from another SS member. From my research and convo with the previous owner I am the 3rd or 4th owner of this machine after DRMO. First things first, details.... 1971 Kaiser Jeep M35A2. Basic...
  4. Sparkyz911

    MEP-006A output voltage low

    I'm on a rescue squad and we have this as our building backup generator... NSN 6115-00-118-1243 MEP_006A Model 70-1900 Generator Alternating current. Synchronous brushless V:120/208 - 240/416 A: 208-104 KW: 50/60 KVA: 62.5/75 Hz:50/60 The motor runs great and is in great shape. The genset is...
  5. Sparkyz911

    M35A2 stencil markings help

    Will be sprucing up my deuce (new to me) and having a hard time locating info on stencil markings for the deuce. I've got the oil board stencils, but placement on the vehicle itself is where I'm stumped. Google only brings up bumper/unit info and I'm not interested in that. I'm looking for...
  6. Sparkyz911

    Chiming in with another FD/EMS HMMWV

    We acquired this through our local federal surplus a couple years back. This vehicle was my initial reason for joining up on SS. Since our department relies on donations we have to fix/maintain a lot of gear ourselves. SS has been a big help for us to get and keep this up and able to respond...
  7. Sparkyz911

    New guy from Central Illinois

    Hello to everyone... I'm John and I'm located in Central Illinois. Been registered for a just over a year now. I volunteer on a local Rescue Squad and we have multiple pieces of former military gear (2-N2FD light gennys, a 30k ground genny, M998 HMMWV), so my primary reason for joining is for...
  8. Sparkyz911

    Iso unicor nf2d manual

    New guy 'round these parts. I am a member of a volunteer rescue squad (Central Illinois) and have been tasked with repairing some surplus equipment, hence my joining up. (We currently have a HMMWV, ground mounted MEP, 2 portable gensets). We have 2 UNICOR NF2D portable floodlight sets that...
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