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  1. GUNNY 155

    Kudos on the Redo

    I have not been on the site for a few months. I really like how it was redone. Just one question, wondering how come we were all busted back to Privates, I always got a kick out or the rank structure and getting promoted.
  2. GUNNY 155

    Kudo's on the new site.

    I have not visited the SS site in a few months. Nice work on the reorganization and additions. Just one question, wondering how come the member ranks were removed, I always got a kick out of that part.
  3. GUNNY 155

    Fuel Pump Service Bulletin

    I have been bending wrenches since I was 15 and this is another one of those situations that will go into my "ODD but TRUE" book. I have been chasing a small oil leak on my M37 since I did the frame off restoration two years ago. I could clean everything off and run it in the driveway for...
  4. GUNNY 155

    Dl form

    Hello guys, I am wondering if anyone out there has a DD313 form. That was the form used for military drivers license's back in the mid 60's to late 70's or so. A while back Storm and a few others on the site helped me put together a log book and I would like DD313 to put in my log book for my...
  5. GUNNY 155


    I noted today the little thumbs up icon with the thanks notation for when someone replies to your thread. I tried to figure out how to do this but no luck for this computer challenged old guy. Can someone enlighten me?
  6. GUNNY 155

    Log Book

    Okay guys I am looking for some help on this one. I am looking to re-create a log book for my truck so I am looking for the various DoD forms found in the 60's to 70's era as well as the military drivers license card. I found some items on G741 but they did not reproduce well or to the right size.
  7. GUNNY 155

    Oil Pan Leak

    I am getting a very small oil leak on my engine after being run and it sits over night. I get a drop of oil hanging off of the front of the pan where the filler plate is so it is hard to tell where exactly it is coming from. I have had the pan off twice. The second time I removed the filler...
  8. GUNNY 155

    Done at last.

    Well here she is guys. Done at last. Can't wait until we get some spring time weather so I can drive her around. Now to take care of all the things on the honey do list I have been putting off for the last 2 1/2 years.:tank:
  9. GUNNY 155

    Usmc yellow

    I know there has been some discussion on this in the past but those of us with USMC rigs seem to have a had time getting the correct yellow for lettering which based on what I have found is Federal Standard Number 23538 or 33538 depending if you are looking at semi gloss (2) or flat (3). Since...
  10. GUNNY 155

    Etw1 & engine tuning

    Okay guys I could use some opinions. I have the stock Dodge 230 that I rebuilt that is also balanced and blueprinted. I have a bit of a flat spot coming off of idle. I have the timing set at about 7 degrees and hesitate to push it farther. I realized that this would be a given using todays...
  11. GUNNY 155

    Brake fluid

    Given that silicone based brake fluid is what the mil specs calls for on M37's I was wondering if that is what folks are commonly using. Also has anyone had leak problems using the silicone based fluid.
  12. GUNNY 155

    Draft Pads

    I know I am going to take a beating on this one but in the spirt of sharing helpful information with my fellow HMV restoration brothers here goes. How many sets of draft pads have you ruined trying to get them over the clutch and brake pedals. Or have you just given up and let the wind, dust...
  13. GUNNY 155

    Usmc restoration

    I have been working on this project for about 18 months now so I thought it was time to share some photos. It started as a US army version with a hard top. This was one of those vehicles that everyone would love to find. It was all original and had never been restored. It ran enough to drive...
  14. GUNNY 155


    Last week I started up the engine on my restoration project for the first time. When I set the timing, which right now is at 2 degrees BTDC, two things occured to me. First the pointer is so big it would seem that accurate setting is pretty tough to do based on looking at the pointer in...
  15. GUNNY 155

    Steering Knuckle Mod M37

    Recently while rebuilding my front axle I noted it was evident that very little in any grease gets down into the lower bearing on the steering knuckle. It is also the place where any and all condensation or moisture seems to collect. To help eliminate this problem I drilled a hole in the lower...
  16. GUNNY 155

    Pinion bearing preload

    I am in the process of rebuilding both third members on my baby (M37). My manual calls for 30 to 70 inch pounds on the pinion bearing preload. I have mine set on the button at 40. Even though this is in the middle of the spec range it seems like a lot compared to a lot of other drive axles I...
  17. GUNNY 155

    Gunny 155

    Any one out there know what kind of wood was used for the troop seats and stake sides of US, M series military vehicles like the m37's.
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