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  1. r392

    Need VIN locations for WC-1 and WC-21

    Need some help. I have a chance to buy a basket case WC-21 and a restorable WC-1 but need to located the VIN's in hope of matching a title. The guy has alot titles so hopefully one can be matched. Where can i find them besides data tags that are gone. Thanks in advance Doug
  2. r392

    m1009 starting issue need some help

    Is it parked on a hill. It might be your fuel pressure switch located behind the fuel filter. if it is slightly nose up when parked the fuel will drain backwards and you have to crank and crank till it reprimes. Just a thought park it nose down on a slope and see if it happens. Doug
  3. r392

    Side Tire mount needed for Spotlight m151

    Looking for the side tire mount with shield for M151 Spot light M151 Thanks Doug
  4. r392

    M35A2 What oil filters

    Thanks for the quick replies Doug
  5. r392

    M35A2 What oil filters

    What oil filter/s do I need for My first M35a2 just got it from GL. Always have had jeeps and a M211 prior any help for the truck Just off the block would also help NAPA numbers and such Thanks Doug
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