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    VW or Bombardier Iltis Complete TM's

    Here's the operator manual for the VW/Bombardier iltis, in both english and french. it is spread out into many folders/small PDF files, I couldn't figure out how to upload it here, so here's a link to a google drive copy: There's a...
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    My 1985 Bombardier Iltis

    Just picked this ol girl up. Previous owner didn't know much about it, he got it from a dealer who got it on a trade in. Has an Ontario title which is nice, I've been told that they can be hard to get plated in ON. Mechanically it seems pretty decent, the brake pedal is soft and the high...
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    Empty pickup truck - Michigan to Florida - Mid FEB.

    Around Feb 11 - heading down the I-75 corridor to daytona beach. Don't have a huge vehicle this time - but I've got the empty bed of a 3/4 ton truck, if anyone needs something medium sized hauled. Shoot me a message.
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    Towing a civvie trailer behind an MV?

    I've got a 1991 Leyland with the standard giant NATO 24v trailer plug, airbrake gladhands and a beefy pintle hitch that sits about 33" off the ground. I've also got a 1999 Haulmark 24' enclosed trailer that I'd like to pull behind it. It uses a 2 5/16 ball that is set up for roughly 20-24"...
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    Laurie the Lorry - My 1991 RHD Leyland 4 Tonne.

    I guess I'll start with a whole bunch of backstory. I've been looking for a truck for a long time. On and off maybe 5 years now. Looked at a huge variety of stuff, Everything from jeeps and the iltis to M37's to deuces and 5 tons and the LMTV. Decided I really like the LMTV - just something...
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    I went and looked an an M152 yesterday.

    I've been wanting to get my feet wet with an M/V for a while, and I recently heard of an M152 for sale on facebook a few hours away from me. I had a day off yesterday so my brother and I piled in my car and drove 4 hours north to go have a look at it. Owner says he's had it for 25+ years and...
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    New here... bunch of LMTV questions.

    Just signed up for this forum. I am thinking about getting an LMTV, they seem like an amazing truck for the money and I've wanted an army truck for a long time. Almost bought an M35 about 5 years ago but decided against it at the last minute. (no storage or room back then). I think the...
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    New member from Ontario, Canada.

    Hi there. Found this forum while looking for info on the M1078. I'm trying to figure out how to get my hands on one and if I can import one to Canada, among other things. Been interested in big green stuff for a while, even considered building a tank replica once (still might some day), but...
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