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    HMMWV Export Question

    I wasn't able to find an answer by searching, so here goes... Does anyone here know whether a HMMWV can be exported legally? The vehicle in question was sold without an EUC and with a clear SF-97. It currently has a clear, unbranded Wisconsin title. A buyer in Germany wants to purchase...
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    Wis. Half-Track Legislation

    FYI: A new bill - SB-864 - currently before the Wis. legislature would legalize registration of former-military half-tracks: If you like this idea (and who wouldn't?), please contact your legislators and support it. Ask your legislators...
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    Wisconsin MV LIFETIME License Plate Fee REDUCED To $5

    It used to be real easy finding people who disliked our DOT, but it's getting harder and harder... :) Word arrived today that the cost to register for the Wisconsin Historic Military Vehicle (HMV) License Plate has now dropped to $5. Nope, that's not a misprint. After the sale of the...
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    How many digits in a 1990 HMMWV VIN?

    I need help from the community. I'm looking into Humvee info to help out the guys in MI who are having troubles, as written about under the Legislative forum. Here's the question: For those of you with a 1990 AM General HMMWV 998, how many digits are in the VIN? "Standard" VIN's have 17...
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    Article: The End Of SURPLUS VEHICLE SALES by David Doyle

    I'm just passing along info I received from MVPA about G/L sales. It's more of a status update than a final decision. It included a link to the article written by David Doyle: Please do not make this thread...
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    Military Vehicle Accident in Wis.

    Happened near here yesterday. Humvee and (what I believe to be) an Oshkosh were involved. Story with photos: Sounds like it's active duty equipment. I'm thankful it's not a civilian-owned vehicle, or there'd be a poop-storm over it here. Goes...
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    Good Change Coming In Wisconsin

    To All Wisconsin Owners: You should be aware that there are changes coming in Wisconsin statute which will effect your former military vehicle. Tom Zat (Alfa Heaven) and I have been working with WisDOT to address some ongoing problems. We have worked with Sen Grothman and have a bill drafted...
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    Registering your Deuce in Wisconsin to use.

    Some of you may have run into problems getting your deuce registered for normal uses in Wis. Currently, the law limits you to parade and display uses only. There are some screwy laws here. We're working to fix those problems, with a new law we're trying to get passed. For more info, see this...
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    2012 Wis Motor Vehicle Registration Rights Act

    As many Wisconsin owners have been painfully aware, one of the side-effects of last year's HMV law was that many owners have been denied regular registration options for their former military vehicles. Tom Zat (Alfa Heaven) and I have been working with and without DOT to try to correct this...
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    Wis. License # FK-2643 Contact Info Wanted

    Wanted: Contact Information for the Owner of: Wis. License Plate Number FK 2643 I've run across this plate number in some recent dealings with our local DeeEmVee, which this owner will benefit from knowing about. Please PM me.
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    CUCV Registration Question

    Does your state allow you to register your CUCV for normal use? Like with an Auto, Truck, or Collector plate? Wisconsin has been giving us grief, trying to force CUCV owners to register for Parade/Display uses only. One owner has already filed an appeal to fight this. I'm helping her, by...
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    WisDOT on the warpath again!

    Recent efforts here resulted in 2 laws being passed last year, and a defeat of Trans-123. By way of retribution, WisDOT/DMV has instituted some new policies, to further harass owners of nonstandard vehicles, including ex-military vehicles (like higher registration rates, and not issuing...
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    Wis. UNRESTRICTED USE for milvehs info

    Hi again. As promised, an effort is underway to obtain normal, unrestricted registration for ex-military vehicles which comply with U.S. Safety Standards (FMVSS). Like was posted previously, we got Trans-123 formally withdrawn. Now on to the next step... To be clear, this does not effect...
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    New Progress on Wisconsin Ex-Military Vehciles

    Fresh news from Wisconsin's front lines: Word is out that the Dodge CUCV M-880 pickup trucks can now (again!) be registered in Wisconsin with regular Auto or Truck license plates! And unlike all other ex-military vehicles, if you're applying for regular plates (as opposed to "collector" or...
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    TRANS123 Public Hearing Sept. 22, 2010 Info

    IMPORTANT NEW DETAILS about the Hearing Please Read This is a joint Public Hearing before both the Senate and Assembly Transportation Committees. This just in from the Legislature: As you may know the Assembly and Senate Transportation Committees WILL hold a public hearing next week. The...
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    Thread deleted. Why & how to find a moderator?

    I recently posted about an old Dodge p/u I found on ebay, but it got deleted. A pm notice said I should direct questions to a moderator. I'm not even sure how to find one. I posted about the truck, because it was listed on ebay rather obscurely. I thought guys who liked those trucks might...
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    WisDOT renews efforts on TRANS-123

    Public Hearing Sept. 22, 2010 - WisDOT TRANS-123 URGENT NEWS I'm not sure what to make of it yet, as far as who this is a threat to, but WisDOT is starting to work on TRANS-123 again. Here's a link to the email we received from WisDOT today, and a link to the complete proposed Administrative...
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    2010 Midwest Treffen Notice

    Hello All, We're still working on details, but the date and site for this year's Midwest Treffen are set for the weekend of August 7 & 8 at Yellow River State Park in NE Iowa. Several of us here in Wisconsin have a good deal to celebrate about this year. This year's terrain is expected to be...
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    Wisconsin Passes SB-392

    Yesterday, Gov. Jim Doyle signed SB-392 into law. It passed both the Senate and Assembly by voice votes, which means that it had sufficient bipartisan support that they did not bother to count the votes. Here is a photo of Gov. Doyle signing it...
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    How many M715's are there?

    I read that there were 33,000 M715s produced in 3 years. Does anybody have an idea how many remain in the U.S. today, in operable condition? Paul
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