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  1. K9Vic

    My 1984 Chevrolet Suburban K20 4x4 3/4 ton CUCV clone #2 - AKA: M1007 or M1029

    Thanks all. I willl post updates of the last year later tonight when I get tp my computer.
  2. K9Vic

    M1009 radiator replacement 432098; engine oil cooler lines don't fit

    I had to do the same to mine and has been great for almost 3 years. Side note, I would highly recommend an external trans cooler over using the one in the radiator. I burned out my 700R4 on my Suburban 6.2L diesel. I now run one and is much better. On a TH400, it may be okay, but I would still...
  3. K9Vic

    CUCV M1031 - Generator issue

    Check the CUCV sticky: CUCV Helpful Threads
  4. K9Vic

    m1031 gen operation and trouble shooting

    Send b4thundr a PM and ask him if he still sells them.
  5. K9Vic

    M1009 Down

    Word of advise to all that are reading this to prevent the crack in the frame around the steering box. Get the ORD steering box brace as that really does work to keep the frame from cracking. Well worth the money and very easy to install compared to the repair kit.
  6. K9Vic

    Why do we pay attention to the miles?

    These were the best CUCV trucks to buy/own as they had regular maintenance that was well documented if you got the records with it. I must of had 4 pickups and 2 Blazers from them, all records with allot of work done over the years. Too bad they are mostly all gone now, but one should buy one if...
  7. K9Vic

    TV Bracket for 700R4 Transmission

    They are hard to find and $75 is a good price and I think I saw that one with that as the Buy-it-Now at $75. I thought about getting it as a spare, but did not. I have seen them go as high as $200 on fleabay, so if you find one for under a $100 that is a good price. If you do look on the...
  8. K9Vic

    My 1984 Chevrolet Suburban K20 4x4 3/4 ton CUCV clone #2 - AKA: M1007 or M1029

    I thought I answered this, maybe it did not post or ?? You have to changed out the whole radiator support to go to single headlights, so you need all those parts. See post #40 No real tips, just see all my posts in the first few pages shows some good detail on the bumpers and spare tire...
  9. K9Vic

    6.5 IP in a M1008

    If you are using a HUMVEE pump you may also have to change the pump arm because the trans shift modulator will not bolt on. This is at least what I had to do, but I do not know if the pump I used was from a 6.2L or 6.5L. You will know by looking at it and since you mentioned it does look the...
  10. K9Vic

    tire vendor question

    Been running Treadwright tires on my M1031 for 3 years and they are great tires. Just make sure you get load range E for the heavier weight of the CUCV trucks. I have the WARDEN A/T LT265/75R16 w/Kedge that are almost like BF Goodrich AT tires. I probably only have 2000 miles at the most on them...
  11. K9Vic

    6.2 L Diesel Cooling System

    Yes, that will help greatly. I have an aluminum radiator and electric fan assist on my 1984 Suburban 6.2L diesel and while towing I never go above 210. I only use the electric fan when towing and in normal driving it is around 200.
  12. K9Vic

    6.5 IP in a M1008

    If you get allot of black smoke turn down the fuel delivery by a 1/8 turn. I had to do this on a CUCV that I installed a 6.5 IP that was used on a turbo as the guy had it turned up. But if it is stock non-turbo you should be fine. Go to You Tube and search "6.2l fuel adjust".
  13. K9Vic

    Part number for the small square vacuum connector on tranny vacuum regulator?

    It is not needed, just connect the hoses to the regulator.
  14. K9Vic

    Post your cucv pics here

    It is your responsibility to bark orders and get those people AWAY from the break zone if it is your equipment. Totally unsafe to let them stand there that close to the winch cable, that shirt likely would not have protected them if it broke.
  15. K9Vic

    M1031 vibration when stopped

    Agreed on motor mounts, could be the issue. Idle may be an issue as well. As for Harmonic Balancer, the Precision ones are made in Australia and are good. Been using those for years with no issues. Do not buy a balancer made in Asia.
  16. K9Vic

    Love my CUCV and so does everyone else.

    What transfer case does it have. NP205 (4L-N-2H-4H) or NP208 (2H-4H-N-4L)? NP205 = M1031 & M1028A1 has the PTO for the generator. My M1031 does have a "B" on the third digit in the VIN.
  17. K9Vic

    CUCV Front Winch Mount

    Going wheeling/mudding what ever you want to call it you will always see my winch mounted. If it is covered it will not be an issue with mud and will be usable right away, been there many times. I am not going to try to carry a 120lb winch from where ever I have it stored to the front of my CUCV...
  18. K9Vic

    CUCV Front Winch Mount

    Suggestion for future videos, please hold your phone in landscape/horizontally with the home button on your right side. Your videos will turn out better and can see everything.
  19. K9Vic

    CUCV Front Winch Mount

    I did not quote the whole comment the first time, but the way I read it he is saying the M1009 is not the same to the other CUCV trucks. He later notes the rear is different as others & myself have noted. I posted this example only due to the comment saying the M1009 is not the same for this...
  20. K9Vic

    CUCV Front Winch Mount

    This is incorrect if you are not referring to the front and rear mounting. The front shackles are the same distance apart between the pickup (M1008/28, M1010 & M1031) and SUV (M1009) frame. I have taken my winch mount from truck to truck with no issues between them. This is a design that another...
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