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  1. maddawg308

    removing the steering wheel

    Any way you can mail it to me, and I could mail it back? I'd pay for the ride each way.
  2. maddawg308

    removing the steering wheel

    I'll ask around, don't know more than 1 or 2 M37 owners in my area. Do you think the standard gear puller would work? It's a three-armed tool with a bolt that you turn, pushes on the center nut, I can get that at Advance as well...
  3. maddawg308

    removing the steering wheel

    Is there a trick to removing the M37's steering wheel? I took the nut off, pulled and beat on it with a hammer until I was blue in the face, nothing. Went to Advance Auto Parts and borrowed a steering wheel puller, but it looks more like a collection of bolts than anything. Looking at the...
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