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  1. allenhillview


    Hello its been a while since posting. 1008 PICKUP Today cold weather here in east Tn. Meter went to nothing, gen lights(both1and2) are functioning as should, off when excited! Sun is in my eyes so I can't see if the bulb is still working with lights on-It was last night, always checking that...
  2. allenhillview

    1008 Wheel Stud Size

    If I had after market wheels, assume new wheel flange is thicker at the nut, what is correct approach? Change all studs? What is oem size(length)that's in the drums, rotors? Has anyone had this? Or, are guys just hoping a half of a nut works? Is there a new nut that addresses this; to buy as...
  3. allenhillview

    12v Ground

    Is it OK to ground any accessory at the ground junction on firewall? Installing new A/Cond. would be nice to ground there if possible, after coming through new cover on firewall.
  4. allenhillview

    Alternator Upgrade

    I decided to use front battery for all 12v loads, now does anyone or has anyone done a alt. with say 120+ amp upgarde? (drivers side only) I don't have a large load except maybe at night and raining, my new amp for stereo is about 28 to 30amp draw at full volume or my max volume, acc. are no...
  5. allenhillview

    Column Noise

    Got this noise in the column as I go up and down my driveway in my 1008, did a ton of stuff to my truck over last three years, some of you have seen the truck in pics. The noise is there every time not just now and then, its just over small bumps not out on road or even in hay field just a...
  6. allenhillview

    "S" spring

    Anyone ever replace this s spring in door hinge, places sell them, GM sells as well, I ordered one from old stock out west at a GM dealer yesterday. So when it arrives will I be able to put in without removing that upper hinge, probably not just asking to make sure.
  7. allenhillview

    Pitman Arm

    Which end goes to the front when new parts are ordered I got mixed up Long to the front or short to the front? On the pitman arm assem. or drag link, the one that goes to the steer arm and pitman arm?
  8. allenhillview

    Heater Control Valve

    OK, I've read most but maybe couldn't find all I needed, that given I got to stop heat from coming into cab, via flow we know about already. Is there a valve that allows by-pass as well so thermostat works as should? I'll do manual or electric if this is something thats been done? searched...
  9. allenhillview

    Front Shackle

    Rear of front spring, is the 1/2 inch that comes in a ORD fush kit do anything to make my stock 1008 drive differently, (the extra 1/2 inch longer shackle height?) Pinion angle is it ok with the half inch increase on the longer shackles? Caster angle is it better or worse? I,ll finish install...
  10. allenhillview

    Rear Differential Magnet

    The magnet on the inside of rear-end housing is attached to the bottom right below the ring gear. What was used to affix it to housing? I pulled it up and out to clean before new oil so now I need to put back,... with what? Anybody re-do this adhesive?
  11. allenhillview

    Drivetrain noise

    Just finished seals in both output shafts in TC, filled with new fluid twice, first time I did rear seal then front shaft looked moist so I ordered new ORD mounts and replaced front seal at this time, requiring a second fluid refill. I can now hear a wind sounding noise at different times, very...
  12. allenhillview

    TC Rear Output Shaft Seal

    Would Like some input on what can be used to install new seal in rear output of TC, with out damaged to new seal. I've put some in but limited on space this time. Any ideas would help? How about a special tool one can buy, thats a large seal, output shaft in the middle can't get damaged either...
  13. allenhillview

    m1008 Doors Hard To Close

    Replaced weather rubber on doors windows ,vent windows,vents in kick panels,all went well but time consuming. My doors are now hard to shut , wife , son always forget the extra force it takes then they slam shut moving mirrors after a few days.Is there a fix or is it just Chevy doors? Thats what...
  14. allenhillview

    How To Properly Remove GP Wire

    I would like to replace original plastic connectors at wire end right where it fastens on GP mine are brittle , how to release, where can I find new or good used?
  15. allenhillview

    GP Check

    Where exactly does multimeter leads go when checking GP in block?:???: (head)
  16. allenhillview

    Just some new stuff

    :driver:See my photo album on my m1008 posted today some new updates for me and my truck thought it looked nice so i posted Thanks for all info during these mods.
  17. allenhillview

    Just some new stuff

    See my photo album on my m1008 posted today some new updates for me and my truck thought it looked nice so i posted Thanks for all info during these mods.
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