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  1. COX

    Anybody Know of a WC53 for sale?

    The only ones that I can find for sale are owned by “custom” shops, which means they want $15K + for them. I have owned one in the past and would like to get one with a good body.
  2. COX

    WC-53 Running Board Brackets

    Anybody know where I can get three of these? Vintage Power Wagons came up blank and I imagine Midwest is the same
  3. COX

    Progress photos of my WC-53 tear-down

    Here are some photos recent photos of my WC-53 tear-down. Things should be moving quicker now that I have finished my other project and moved on to this one. A lot of you have converted these to disc brake set-ups. Is it really worth the $1K to change them over, or are the drums good enough...
  4. COX

    CJ Mier

    Does anyone know CJ Mier from Alaska? I have stumbled across of couple of pictures of his yellow WC-53 online, but can't find anyone that knows the guy. I wanted to get in touch with him and ask a few questions about his build. If you have any information, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. COX

    Cummins in a WC ??

    Does anyone know of a successful WC conversion to a Dodge Cummins diesel? Just curious because these look like they would be great for it, and it would make an awesome truck if it were diesel. I've seen the 4bt Cummins put in them, but never a 6 cylinder common rail. Let me know if there is...
  6. COX

    WC-53 Differential Questions

    Do the "early" and "late" WC-53 trucks have the same axles accept for the differential? I need to get a front differrential and both axle shafts for the front. Before I buy the parts, I was wondering if the axle shafts are different or just the differntial. My WC has the early 8 3/4" ring gear...
  7. COX

    WC-53 Axle Parts ???

    Does anyone know where to get the front differential with gears for a 1942 WC-53, besides Vintage Power Wagons? Or does anyone have one for sale?
  8. COX

    1942 Carryall Axles???

    Does anyone know what axles came on a 1942 Dodge WC-53 Carryall? Any knowledge of the gear ratio would be a bonus.:?: Thanks in advance.
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