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  1. oztankboy

    Ferret down under picking trip.

    Well just home from a long week end picking trip. Got an assortment of goodies for my Mk1 Ferret scout car. Parts included:- *Engine, B60 RR NOS in crate packed in 1955. *tiers, qty 4 "lazy S" type NOS on rims. *gear box NOS *plantary boxes, 1 pair NOS. *smoke distchargers, 1 pair. *escape...
  2. oztankboy

    Australian MUTT owners

    Hi! I would like to touch base with other Australian MUTT owners. Phil...
  3. oztankboy

    My toys down~under...

    Hi there! Well here are a few of my prized toys... Enjoy! Phil...
  4. oztankboy

    My 1st MUTT

    Hi there! Well I have ventured into my 1st MUTT ownership. Its a 1968 M151A1 ex EU imported into Australia about 18 mths a go by its owner who has owned it for quite some years. Any of the MUTT series are very rare here is Australia with only a hand full being imported over the years. It had a...
  5. oztankboy

    Wanted 12volt B/O driveing Light

    Hi there! I am after a 12 volt black out driveing light for my M606A2/3 project. SO if any one knows who may have them or where I may aquire one from it would be much appreciated! Cheers! Phil...
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