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  1. n1bnc

    Anyone here have an interest in a 404 ambulance...

    I have a 1962 404 ambulance that is low on miles and needs to have the block swapped out. I have the block which is also very low on hours as there is no ridge in the cylinders above the rings. We are talking low, low miles, recent tires with extras and a newer top for the cab. I was thinking...
  2. n1bnc

    1952 M135 for sale in New Hampshire

    I have one for sale in New Hampshire. It runs, stops and has many new parts including exhaust manifold, carb, exhaust soup to nuts, brakes gone through locally and a rebuilt water pump. The tires are also recent, non ndt spare and mount, and has an M35 rear canvas, hard cab, almost new batteries...
  3. n1bnc

    M135 brakes, Has this happened to you????

    Hi All, My truck is in the shop for sticking brakes. Symptoms were: come to a stop and then take the foot off the brakes and hit the gas and not move, eventually ended up putting into low range to get the beast out of the awkward intersection. I suspected that the brake lines, being on the...
  4. n1bnc

    New England Area

    All, Is anyone aware of a good (mil/truck) recycler in the Mass/New Hampshire area. It is hard to find parts for the M135 without resorting to NOS from the normal sources. Plus my eyes like to wander!! :wink:
  5. n1bnc


    Has anyone tried to install a tachometer? I thought a guage package out of an M35 would be the nice way to present the extra guage, but the mechanicals of that would have to be addressed. Maybe the M35 with the continental gasser had such a thing?
  6. n1bnc

    Ignition coil thoughts

    I discovered that my ignition coil went belly up. The ohm meter indicates opens between the various connections and I compared it to the one on the Unimog in terms of internal connection points. The question for the day is: can i run a 12v ignition coil from an old chevy or should I wait until...
  7. n1bnc

    M135 throttle hesitation

    All. It runs!!! I now have the M135 in the driveway and plates are coming Tuesday. Tires on wednesday, and the brakes bled on Thursday. Off to a ham radio party on Friday!!! I have noticed that the truck idles well, but there is a hesitation when you hit the throttle. The Carb is brand...
  8. n1bnc

    M135 questions and parts wish list

    All, I purchased a running M135 last year and I am in the process of cleaning it up and having it look a little more original. I have a couple of questions and I am looking for parts as well. It seems that these trucks have a mystery hole in the hood on the drivers side. What was it's...
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