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  1. dmilkman589

    CUCV Front Winch Mount

    Would there be a market for this anywhere? The winch and the fare-lead are just for representative purposes obviously, but if I started popping these mounts out does anyone think they would sell? Slides right in place of existing lift hook mounts.
  2. dmilkman589

    Injection pump screw

    I started using my m1009 to pull a boat. Pulled ok but could have used a little more on hills. Decided to turn up injection pump an 8th turn. So I begin by removing cap screws of injection pump. First one I start with... Snap. The screw breaks. Do I just leave it and walk away to continue...
  3. dmilkman589

    M1009 Hard Start Problem

    Ive read tens of hard start threads and none of the symptoms seem to be the same as mine. 1984 m1009, or k5 blazer with a 6.2 what ever you may prefer. Totally stock other than the fact I have a manual switch for the glow plugs. When it is about 30 or so outside it will take me 2 cycles of the...
  4. dmilkman589

    Auto V.s. Manual

    Im getting ready to start looking for parts for a trans swap but I just cant make the final deccision. Do I want the 700r4, or do i want the nv4500. It is going in an 84 m1009. Used allot on highways, also used for medium to mild off roading. Looking to run a 33 inch tire while keeping the...
  5. dmilkman589

    Radiator Fan Shut off

    so im sure someone must have put up a thread of this already but i cant find any of the answers im looking for. so i drove through a small pond yesterday .. all went well as the water started coming into the cab she took it fine... k5 dont care. but when i got out i opened the hood and...
  6. dmilkman589

    Steering wheel off center

    I went and did some snow wheeling yesterday in buffalo while away at school and I broke through the ice a few times dropping my front wheel a couple feet down. After the whole day of wheelin and getting stuck allot the steering wheel has been knocked about 45 degrees off center. Is this a common...
  7. dmilkman589

    Voltage loss with increased engine rpm

    ok i had another thread started and wasnt getting much on replies so i narrowed down the issue in the title hoping someone can help me out. i have to make a 5 hour trip home from buffalo next week and my gen 1 does not work at highway speed. i need it to or its a long walk. when i start my...
  8. dmilkman589

    erratic voltage reading with temp and speed on m1009

    did a 2 day off roading expedition and i had a solid voltage reading. then had a solid voltage reading the whole drive home... i drove to buffalo today from albany to go back to school and the entire way here my volt meter was hovering around high yellow, low green. but if i slowed down and shut...
  9. dmilkman589

    is it ok to have the glow plugs wired like this?

    i have a wire coming off the 24 volt strip to a resistor, to a relay, then out to the plugs. the relay is controlled by a button inside. is that OK? or do i need to be incorporating the card thing and all the other electronics. it starts ok but i have to cycle it twice meaning i warm plugs for...
  10. dmilkman589

    i need pics of lift size w/ tire size to help me decide

    i am thinking 33 inch tire. so what lift will go best with this? 2 or 4? can i have some photos?
  11. dmilkman589

    what page number is this in the tm?

    rear main seal repair!!!!!
  12. dmilkman589


    where is the injection pump check screw or what ever its called located. and what is it for??? im having smoking problems. i figured id start there..
  13. dmilkman589

    fixed stalling after start up problem

    maybe i can find a pic if anyone is interested but my m1009 would start. run for 5 seconds, stall out. and crank forever too get back going. so began searching for air/fuel leaks. found it. when your remove the fuel filter. there is a filter base. there is a circle thing on the filter base...
  14. dmilkman589


    giant hole in both mufflers. if i just run strait pipes right out the back with maybe a glass pack on each one will this be too loud in the cab too be comfortable or since the escape will be in the rear will it be fairly quiet? (in the cab)
  15. dmilkman589

    here's one for ya. wont start

    ok so the story goes. it was very cold. about 15 er 20. i went too start the cucv. cycled the plugs. went too turn her over, and like normal didnt go, but normally i get her on the 2nd glow plug cycle. so that what i did. cycled them again and went too try firing it up. she started crankin over...
  16. dmilkman589

    radio install wiring

    im installing a fm/am radio and i wanted to know where too plug in the ignition wire for the radio. i want it too work like factory settings so the radio works while key is in acc mode and while the truck is running. but cuts power when trucks off. where does that tap in?
  17. dmilkman589

    my 1009

    classified ad removed.
  18. dmilkman589

    can you put headers on a m1009

    i was thinking power and economy. can you put headers on them?
  19. dmilkman589

    glow plug removal and voltage question m1009

    ok. i have 12 volts at my glow plugs. the truck wont start. im assuming there bad/ burnt out. what is the best way too remove them without snapping the ends off leaving the rest in my engine block. also how many volts should i have at my plugs? 12 or 24. i know this truck was owned by the state...
  20. dmilkman589

    bio fuel

    i need a 20 micron, a 5 micron, and a 1 micron filter to run oil through. where on earth can i find these darn things???????
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