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  1. hippiedude

    gmc starter

    The starterdrive granaded on my starter .....sent it out to get rebuilt but the guy needs a part # for a civillian application ....... Any body know of part # for this drive .... He doesn`t have any books for the millitary stuff ... The starter is a Delco Remy #1108581 24v. clock wise...
  2. hippiedude

    OK Fess UP

    Who won this COOL Rigg..... :shock: :drool: Tim
  3. hippiedude

    M1009 keys.

    Hi guys I won a m1009 friday and it has no keys... :roll: go figure....any way I did a search and seems there mite be more than 1 set of keys for these things....I did find key code for ignition and door, is it one key ....It allso seems from some of the posts that I sould see if some one is...
  4. hippiedude

    Spark plug cable adapter

    Do any of you folks know of a source were I could get this adapter so I can time my GMC ??...Or maybe tell me how to make one ??? Thanks Tim
  5. hippiedude

    Custom gas tank

    Got a big road trip coming up and needed a new gas tank a 5gal. jerry can only works around the yard :roll: . So I made a new one , old one was completly useless , had to make a new fule pump box for the new pump... Don`t have pics of that yet but I got some of the old tank and the new tank...
  6. hippiedude

    M211 road trip

    Hey guy`s I have to go to Loring AFB Limestone Maine ) in a few weeks (If and when EUC comes threw :roll: ) What kind of road speed can I expect from the old girl ( 45 , 50 ) I don`t want to push it hard , I just want to give my self plenty of time to get there .... It is 540+ miles one...
  7. hippiedude


    Just won 6 on GL last week. I need a plan on getting them home in one trip.I was thinking of removing the tires and piggy backing them, flip one upside down on top of another.. 4 on a equipment trailer and 2 on the deuce ..Think they would be to high ??? They are up at Loring AFB Limestone Me.
  8. hippiedude

    M211 Question ???

    I`m replacing some leaking wheel cylinders... after removing the 18 lock nuts on the drum do i need a puller or a BFH...T.M.`s on order.. but I need to use the truck and want to be SAFE.... I just don`t like hitting stuff with a hammer .... thanks Tim
  9. hippiedude

    Heading down to S.C.

    Heading to marion S.C. to install some A/C .Taking I-95 .... any good salvage yard along the way... If I crack the wip on my crew :beer: ( get a 5 day job done in 4) I might have some time on the way back for some exploring . :idea:
  10. hippiedude

    Wrecker body on E-bay

    wrecker body on e-bay item#180068524170
  11. hippiedude

    Check out this old S/P

    M110A2 S/P Howitzer 203mm (8") Gun...Saw this while driving though Winchester Ct. on a service call. This would make a big black hole in the ground!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
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