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  1. clpo

    Broke down on side of road......fuel issue

    Glad you got her home. Sounds like a real nightmare, cold, wet, night. I think I have been there. Best part of your story, no one told you to go home use the search tool and read the manual!!
  2. clpo

    55Mph Detonation. . .

    Sorry for the failure FMJ. My Avatar shows the result of a very similar failure under very similar circumstances. I have not torn down the old engine to try to learn more yet, but I had the same hunch about rod bolt failure that Stumps mentions above. Wish there was a way to know for sure...
  3. clpo

    Steel Soldiers, users age

    I'm 43
  4. clpo

    Just driving around

    If you call getting out and driving around for the sheer joy of it no good reason, then yes, I do it all the time!!
  5. clpo

    bobbed deuce project info please

    Is there a "standard" wheelbase. Most of the pictures I find using search don't give details. I have seen pics of a few trucks that look too short. Really helps the appearance to get the proportions right. Would it be possible for all you bob builders to post pics of finished project with...
  6. clpo

    how to tell sprag or air?

    You know, some of you guys seem to be doing your best to drive people away, off of, out of the hobby with your angry posts, snaps at us new guys, snipes, jabs. Take a valium. If you don't want to answer a legit question, then don't. And don't get on your soap box and slam someone for asking...
  7. clpo

    Dont run into an m35a2

    I was wondering the other day how long it will take for some sharp lawyer to claim that "she could not see it becaused it was camo"?? Your pics made me think of it again..... CP
  8. clpo

    going rate for an 818

    No wonder we can find any of those $2000 deuces out west. You got 'em all tied up back east!! Not fair!!
  9. clpo

    New Toys

    you need a bigger garage!
  10. clpo

    Can I title with this?

    The way my luck runs lately, the only smokin part of the deal would be when my fingers got burned.............
  11. clpo

    Can I title with this?

    Hey wiggall, nice to know there is more than one of us in ID.
  12. clpo

    Can I title with this?

    My DMV had no idea what SF-97 was, is, means and having never bought from the GL, I had not example to show them. After having gone through a title rodeo once before, I think I will just shy away from those kinds of deals............. Thanks for the input though, much appreciated.
  13. clpo

    Custom Deuce on craigslist - $8000

    Photo Attached Hopefully I attached correctly.
  14. clpo

    Custom Deuce on craigslist - $8000

    I like it alot. To each his own. Supremely practical. Put a locker in each axle And if that roll bar is functional and not just a light bar, it is a great addition. I have a photo of a similar truck with supersingles, camo paint. Looks great. And no, I won't apologize for...
  15. clpo

    Can I title with this?

    I am running across a few private sellers that offer an SF-97 and a bill of sale instead of a title. Can I obtain a title in my home state (ID) with these documents? Is this something to stay away from?
  16. clpo

    Which paint gun

    Thanks all for the imput. Ctmustang, I looked the the Kobalt gun this weekend. You say you were pleased with the result? Any other input is appreciated. thanks, CP
  17. clpo

    Cost of sandblasting?

    any health/environmetal concerns with doing your own sandblasting?
  18. clpo

    Select Vehicles on Hold GL WHAT?

    Sorry guys, my last couple of posts don't help and I don't mean to make fun of your situation. I'd be hot too if they had my money and my truck. Again, sorry.
  19. clpo

    Select Vehicles on Hold GL WHAT?

    And just to get your point across better, don't be bidding on any of those 5 tons either!!
  20. clpo

    Select Vehicles on Hold GL WHAT?

    I guess with everyone torqued at the GL and refusing to bid, some of us will have access to some really cheap trucks..........have I got a deal for you.
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