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  1. RedHeadTarn

    Strength of m105 trailer bows for roof top tent

    Mine were 30 year old wood with metal corners, I wouldn't trust it past about 150 lbs, plus there was some front to back play that would lend itself to instability, if you're looking to do what you want, I would recommend all metal bows, shouldn't be too hard to have made, I'll take a picture...
  2. RedHeadTarn

    6bt in CUCV

    Wise or not, some one obviously put a 6bt in a m1009 from the pics here...
  3. RedHeadTarn

    Anyone make alternate uses of this bracket?

    Re: Anyone make alternate uses of this bracket????? I have seen good results from using epoxy to secure a strong (45 lbs) rare earth magnet to the underside of the dash. Get in the truck, put gun under dash, stays put just fine. Yeah I get a couple of scuff marks on the slide, but hey, it's a...
  4. RedHeadTarn

    Steam Cleaning Engine compartment

    It depends, does your water heater work? :-)
  5. RedHeadTarn

    Change a tire in the woods jack recommendations

    Laughing**** Not even close! My m1028 weighs 6200 lbs sitting empty at the curb. (that's 3 tons for those of you that flunked math like me...)
  6. RedHeadTarn

    28MT replacement starter

    I bought one of the cheapo ones from ebay about a year ago and it has worked great. And I am abusing the crap out of it because my check valve on top of my IP is leaking so every morning I have to crank it for 20 or 30 sec to get fuel back up to the pump. I was initially apprehensive but it has...
  7. RedHeadTarn

    M1009 stereo install

    I've used those nibbler cutters before and they they work ok but they are SLOW.....
  8. RedHeadTarn

    jump starting cucv with a civy

    Yep... two vehicles and jumper cable sets... only way I have been able to do it.
  9. RedHeadTarn

    How crazy am I? Pulling an M105

    Also... here's the video link of them flipping the truck back over with my buddy narrating. I wish i could upload it here but I can't get it off Facebook and He's in Kuwait at the moment so i can't get a copy... Login | Facebook
  10. RedHeadTarn

    How crazy am I? Pulling an M105

    And I was on my way to get firewood... I can only imagine what might have happened going back down the pass with an extra 1200 lbs in the back.... And I missed that vehicle in the road by about 10"... it was a small Toyota pickup and I know it would have just been crushed. Got a ticket...
  11. RedHeadTarn

    How crazy am I? Pulling an M105

    Well obviously you made it back safe and sound... however, here's some pics of when it goes badly. Couldn't stop in time for a disabled vehicle in the road... trailer swung me around and dumped over... Anybody know a good way .to get 105 brakes working without an air system? ****...can't...
  12. RedHeadTarn

    M1008 on recentered H1's on 37's

    XJfreak... check out this post, I put up some pics of my hitch and how it's attached.
  13. RedHeadTarn

    M1008 on recentered H1's on 37's

    Looks good. Are you going to trim the fender wells now?
  14. RedHeadTarn

    TH400 transmission downshift electrical connector

    Ok, so I am having the exact opposite problem. My drive to work is a long gentle downhill slope and the speed limit is 35 which is right at my shift point between 2nd and 3rd. The engine has more than enough power to plug along in 3rd for the entire trip but i am having a hard time keeping iit...
  15. RedHeadTarn

    Where are yall buying Starters and Alternators from for the m1008 cucv

    I got mine on ebay... works great! CUCV Starter Military Equipment 6.2 Diesel 24V NEW: eBay Motors (item 270500227146 end time Sep-08-10 00:15:21 PDT)
  16. RedHeadTarn

    doghead starter relay modifcation

    I did this to my 1028 and it works great. No problems, and I like the anti-theft aspect. There's no kill like overkill!
  17. RedHeadTarn

    Cucv electrical meltdown

    I don't have pics, but I just did Dogheads relay mod just as instructed, including the diode. And then tool the wire going from the relay to the starter and put in a on/off switch that I mounted directly under the steering column. It's easy to get to in a hurry but when sitting in the drivers...
  18. RedHeadTarn

    Cucv electrical meltdown

    I did this relay mod and have not had any problems until my starter went out and melted my battery cable as well. Mine happened because the bad starter was drawing almost 500 amps. I wired in a simple switch in the line that goes from the relay to the starter just in case the relay fuses shut, I...
  19. RedHeadTarn

    STE ICE question

    Resurrected this thread because I just found a STE/ICE unit on ebay for $50 buy it now price. if I had the money I would jump on it like a trampoline, but I'm broke so I thought maybe someone else would want it. USGI STE/ICE-R Engine Analyzer Hummer HMMWV Compatible - eBay Mobile (item...
  20. RedHeadTarn

    fried battery cable, holy c***p!

    So, ordered new starter off eBay, and one week and 30 min of work later truck starts great! Took the old starter into the shop for testing, it was drawing 493 amps! Having problems uploading pics from my phone... but here's a link... Tarn Brubaker's Photos | Facebook
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