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  1. camp9

    931 with 8.3 no start, no fuel out of injector pump

    Went to start my 931 with the 8.3 two weeks ago and didn't want to start, figured it lost prime. Had it running last on the 4th of July. Went through all the procedures for priming. It has fuel coming out the banjo fuel return and also the priming screw on the engine side of the pump. No air...
  2. camp9

    bulk transfer flammable liquid pump unit

    I picked up a diesel powered flammable liquid pump unit last month. Finally had a chance to take it apart and see what I bought. I plan on using it on the farm pumping water for irrigation filling a tank. I've been trying to find a TM here or any info related to the unit. Seems the...
  3. camp9

    jp-8 and wmo in 6.2.s military test I found the link above of a study the military did to dispose of wmo in 6.2's as well as other diesel motors and wanted to share. It's a pdf so copied the link to this hope it works.
  4. camp9

    Refrigerated Container with Trailer

    I bought this trailer and picked it up yesterday, wondered if anyone else here has one? It says it manufactured by Engineered air systems inc. By the looks of it the trailer and axles were manufactured at different time as well as the refer container itself. There is also a refer/heat unit...
  5. camp9

    January thaw sparta/Ft. McCoy recovery

    Seeing there is a cold and warm recover thread going here thought I'd add a January thaw one to the list. We picked up our M931A2 yesterday in a balmy 39f rainy/icy day at Ft. McCoy. Seth got us signed in and helped with getting the truck and trailer ready to go. Had some fixing to do to the...
  6. camp9

    new M715 project

    Just picked up a new M715. It has 10,000 miles on it and came from a local DNR fire station. This will be a great project for the boys and me. I won't know until I get it started, but might not be much of a project at all, looks like it's ready to go. Need to put two batteries in it and see...
  7. camp9

    Can anyone help ID these 4cyl diesel motors?

    I bought these three motors and was going to post on the wanted to buy section what I needed for them. I figured there'd be a tag with the model # or something but nothing except a ser #. There water cooled ONAN, 4 cylinder diesel. I'm guessing generator motors. Once I know what i have I...
  8. camp9

    OK city to northhern wisconsin

    I have a pallet in OK city GL lot that needs to get picked up and brought back to the UP of michigan. I can meet you in northern Wisconsin if your not going as far north as Upper Michigan. It weights 1100lbs. Thanks
  9. camp9

    DC-3??? flying over all day

    I've had this flying over our area for the last two days. Thought it was from the EAA in Oshkosh but it made 20 or 30 passes over our area. Says USA under the wing, very nice looking plane, thought I"d post some pics of it.
  10. camp9

    OK City to Michigan

    I was bidding on those hummvv tires on GL in OK, looked at 5pm and all my bids were in the red so knew I got out bid. Must of checked a few seconds after 5 because in a nut shell I got a notice that I won one of the lots. I should of checked better because if I had one I should of bid on a few...
  11. camp9

    Centrifuge and heat or gas to get it spinning?

    I recently bought a 65gph centrifuge. Takes a while for it to get up to speed when oil is cool. Is this the nature of the beast? I'm thinking of adding gas to thin it down instead of heating too. Anyone doing this? I can already see a bigger one is in order Thanks.
  12. camp9

    How long to run centrifuge?

    I'm wondering how long some of you run your centrifuge to clean up WMO? or when you know it's clean enough to run in your trucks? I bought a 65gph unit off of fleebay and have it mounted on a 55gal barrel. I put it out on the south side of my machine shed, let it warm it which is easy this...
  13. camp9

    m416 in 8' pickup bed?

    I'm picking up a M416 this week. Got about a 6hour drive to get it. There is no spare, was thinking about setting it in the back of my truck. Will it fit? Camp
  14. camp9

    tent heater, Model H-83 TM?

    I recently bought a tent heater, Engineered air systems model H-83. Does anyone have a TM or any operating manuals? Thanks, Camp
  15. camp9

    My M813 recovery from Ft. McCoy

    Just wanted to share some pics of my first 5ton I bought on GL at Ft. McCoy. Took our two oldest boys with yesterday and picked it up. Drove it 350 miles home and ran like a top. The paint is pealing and ugly, but once we get it cleaned up it's going to be a gem. Opened the hood this morning...
  16. camp9

    Help out of Ft. Meade trucking/pickup

    I need to know if there are any trucking companies that work out of the Ft. Meade area in case I end up buying anything out there, and if anyone on here helps with picking it up to hold until a trucker can pick it up. I would need trucking to Michigan. Thanks, Camp
  17. camp9

    Lansing Mi heading north

    I'll be in Lansing Tuesday to get a junk m1009, and heading back north on 27 to 75. If anyone needs anything brought up north I can meet you along the highway, I'll have a little room on the trailer or in the back of the truck. Camp
  18. camp9

    Dayton to Michigan

    Now that I got my tow bars out of Ohio, I thought I better start a new thread. I have two 6.2 motors in a can that I need to have brought north. I'm not looking to have it hauled all the way to the UP, but anyplace north would be closer and easier for me to pick up. Anyone that can help out...
  19. camp9

    Iraq trucks

    I was wondering if there is a way to find out prior to a sale if a truck has been over to the middle east and back? I think it would be great to own a truck that I knew had been deployed. :-D
  20. camp9

    Dayton, OH to Michigan or Wisconsin

    I have a 6.2 in a can along with tow bars I bought from Gimpy that I need to get. Not looking to get in to the UP but just wondering if anyone is going through there and can get it to Michigan or Wisconsin so I can shave a few miles off. Thanks, Camp
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