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  1. rat4spd

    Hub Flip

    Then do it again three times.
  2. rat4spd

    "Flipping the hubs"

    I think it looks better flipped personally.
  3. rat4spd

    EMP vs MEP003a & 2

    There's no problem.
  4. rat4spd

    Becka tha Wrecka meets the torch

    Maybe a Fairly dull buTter knife.
  5. rat4spd

    Becka tha Wrecka meets the torch

    Speaking of FT, I thought he was banned......inside joke...
  6. rat4spd

    EMP vs MEP003a & 2

    I'm more inclined to believe most of the thinking is the result of increased lunacy being shown on TV. No one I know has ever expressed concern for EMP.. my military unit isn't outwardly concerned, at least they haven't said so, nor have my neighbors, wife, father, brother, or my employer, which...
  7. rat4spd

    So you want a cheap GL Deuce....

    Count me in the "I got a cheap, good running LDS powered duece" category. Luck.
  8. rat4spd

    My axle fell off on the way home!

    All comments aside about the retrieval, I give bonus points automatically for the Deere, seeing that most of my extended family is employed building the 8 and 9000 series.
  9. rat4spd

    M149A2 Water Buffalo. (New To Me)

    It may be clean on the outside, but the inside is what makes them worthless or usable, if you plan on drinking from it it....
  10. rat4spd


    What kind of salvage?
  11. rat4spd

    Where to find a HEMTT

    Everything is for sale. I bet for the right price, the aforementioned HEMTT can be had.
  12. rat4spd

    BlizzardX23's Deuce STOLEN and RECOVERED

    You dont need that bracket, you've got Steve on your shoulder watching.
  13. rat4spd

    Resistration issues in Iowa!!

    Go to a different DMV station.
  14. rat4spd

    DirtBag Fall 2011 ???

    Steve says hi.:beer:
  15. rat4spd

    62 MPH Deuce! This one is for you Kenny!

    I think I'll add to the commotion. I know my deuce will easily do that. I'll have to break out the gps. Steve says Hi, by the way.
  16. rat4spd

    Indiana 6000 hour MEP003A

    300,000 Miles.
  17. rat4spd

    Please don't be this guy(pics inside)

    At least he's towing it with a DOT approved vehicle, and not one of our many non DOT approved MV's, especially all of you guys with single circuit braked deuces with super singles that run 70 mph.
  18. rat4spd

    Whistler turbo

    That cool factor wore off on me fairly quickly.
  19. rat4spd

    Red Barn Customs L.L.C

    Is anything on a Deuce DOT approved?
  20. rat4spd

    The M983 HEMTT tractor is coming along

    Where the heck does a person come across one of those, and how do they get into the private market?
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