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  1. oilcan

    2019 Haspin

    I'm going to try to make it. Just noticed that my last post here was in 2016, and I think my most recent rally was GA somewhere around 2011? Yikes!
  2. oilcan

    Another M105 trailer modification- add Unimog Radio Box

    Quite nice, Bob. The pics and ideas are really getting the creative juices flowing in my head. Side note... I have a PRC 320 set headed in my direction. Scheduled delivery date 12 JAN 16.
  3. oilcan

    Another M105 trailer modification- add Unimog Radio Box

    Well, I do have another 10 months to put the screws to the boss. Maybe I'll have more reason to fight for it if we get some updates to this thread! (See what I did there? ;-))​
  4. oilcan

    Another M105 trailer modification- add Unimog Radio Box

    Work, man... The Chief is out of the shop more often than not between OCT and JAN every year, and I need to stick around to keep the place running. Though we did talk about actually shutting down so I could take a vacation this year. (We TALKED about it...)
  5. oilcan

    Another M105 trailer modification- add Unimog Radio Box

    Thanks for the link to this thread, Bob. I've been offline for a while and missed it. Bump for updates!
  6. oilcan

    Should I marry this girl?

    YAY, Double J!
  7. oilcan

    Tall people in an M715

    Not exactly full size... More like a Dodge Dakota. I have more trouble with the cab width than height. I used to bump my elbows into the door and battery box while turning, until I got used to it. Even short people have trouble getting in and out without getting brained on the side window...
  8. oilcan

    Hello from Columbus, OH!

    Kip, you've been threatening to host a real rally for hundreds of years. Time to start cuttin' more trails at the farm, ain't it? :doghead: :gimp: :tinkerbell:
  9. oilcan

    Hello from Columbus, OH!

    Hehe... Yeah, there are a few. Welcome aboard, y'all.
  10. oilcan

    New in Ohio

    'Sup? The Ohio group just keeps getting bigger!
  11. oilcan

    Help me buy this deuce, problem ?

    OOooooo... Sounds like a new product line from "Soldier B Productions"! We can make a killing!
  12. oilcan

    2012 Anti-haspin rally

    It did get a little hot...
  13. oilcan

    Help me buy this deuce, problem ?

    Don't forget about the fuel-soaked IP... That SURELY needs attention.
  14. oilcan

    2012 Anti-haspin rally

    Here are a few more pics of the weekend. Sad to say these were the only real pics I took the whole time I was there. I didn't even think to snap a pic of the lineup of trucks in the field. I hope someone else was more on the ball than I was.
  15. oilcan

    2012 Anti-haspin rally

    Sure, a lot of us wanted to go to haspin, but we had other commitments, or the bank account was too low. A few of us decided to go for a mini rally on the same weekend, do it close to home, and on the cheap. Hopefully everyone who was there will chime in. I'm terrible with names. I think...
  16. oilcan

    2012 Haspin info/dates/attendance

    brains! brains!! brains!!!
  17. oilcan

    what do you use for outback comms?

    Depending on how remote we're talking, you'll likely need HF with a license. I don't recommend just buying the gear and stashing it "just in case" because you won't have a clue how to operate it when the time comes. There is a learning curve. By the way, VHF works line-of sight. Not the best...
  18. oilcan

    Can I turn an M35 into a family hauling, 5th wheel camper towing rig for under $12K?

    There should be pics of it in the '08 GA rally multimedia thread.
  19. oilcan

    moved 4 trucks at once!

    Nice. Just need a little armor on there... (wink wink-nudge nudge)
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