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  1. rat4spd

    Getting ready for the parade

    Here's the deuce getting ready for tomorrows' parade I was asked to be in.
  2. rat4spd

    Frozen air tank drain

    My inside tank drain (the "wet" tank) is frozen. I dont imagine it'll be too hard to thaw it, but what can I do to prevent it from happening all the time here in the butt cold midwest?
  3. rat4spd

    Camp Dodge M105 retrieval 6-3-09

    Well the drive to pick up the trailer has finally happened. I was prompt at 7AM, and the Sgt loaded the 105 on my trailer with the BFF. I strapped it down and hit the road. I did move it back a few feet before I hit the highway. There was just too much tongue weight. I wouldn't have bothered...
  4. rat4spd

    Verifying actual engine

    Here are the pics of the tags on my engine. The serial numbers match, the date on the IP, and turbo, and engine match. How can I know if this engine is an LDS-1A?
  5. rat4spd

    MEP003A success

    I'm not sure who was bidding against me on the 003A that I got from Camp Dodge. I'm sorry you didn't get it as I paid way more than I wanted. You could've had it for $50 more. However, after I got it fired up this morning, I no longer regret winning it. It was missing the fuel tank, and the...
  6. rat4spd

    Camp Dodge Deuce/Genset recovery done!

    I met Sgt Birkenholtz this morning at about 10:30AM at Camp Dodge. He was real helpful and courteous considering he's doing GL's work. He loaded the MEP-003A on my trailer, and took me to the deuce. After unlocking it and chatting for a while, he left us to get busy. We topped off the...
  7. rat4spd

    Air compressor cross reference

    Does anyome know if the Midland air compressor crosses over to a Bendix or other easy to get new compressor that fits the OEM setup?
  8. rat4spd

    Minimum CFM requirement for brakes

    Anyone know what it is? I'm thinking of just throwing a compressor in the back of the truck for the 130 mile trip home. I'm just curious how much air I need.
  9. rat4spd

    Post auction deuce inspection Camp dodge

    I met up with Scott this morning at Camp Dodge. I really wanted to come preview but just couldn't make it. The good news: The engine was rebuilt in 1981, the generator rebuilt in Sept 2000. It has a spring seat (is this air ride?), heater, air shift front diff, and a brand new vinyl cargo...
  10. rat4spd

    Newly acquired deuce

    Just obtained this deuce, but unfortunately there were some bidding issues and I ended up with a MEP003 that I wanted, but not in the way I got it. I'm sure my bro will expose my error for me since I really don't want to.
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