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  1. mudguppy

    ARB Air Locker RD145 Install Thread - Pics and Tips

    First off, this install isn't going in my MV - it is going in a project truck, but I thought others may benefit from a couple things I have learned. Secondly, the truck is nowhere near complete yet, so I will not be able to give any driving impressions. However, having lockers in my truck, I...
  2. mudguppy

    HEMMT Wheel Mounting / Outter Ring Sealing

    All, I'm posting on the 5T+ side since there might be more experience with these HEMMT wheels than on the Deuce-mod side, but dunno. Anyway, one of the tires on my deuce has been a little low and I neglected to top 'er back off. Well, the other day I came home and it was flat. So when I...
  3. mudguppy

    Hydraulic Conversion of PTO Winch

    In my repower thread and disc brake thread, I mentioned a "Phase 2" of converting the PTO winch to hydraulic. Well, here it is. Don't get too excited yet - it isn't quite complete. One fitting (yes, one) is on back-order. Can you believe it? Anyway, I have taken a lot of pics, so let me...
  4. mudguppy

    Transfer Case Shift Rod Seal Leak

    i've searched transfer case leak threads and none of them discuss a leak from the range shift rod. this is where i believe my leak i coming from, and when the transfer is good and hot, it leaks pretty well. ["pretty well" = half-dollar sized puddle after about 1 minute once parked] i've looked...
  5. mudguppy

    Air Shift Transfer minimum pressure?

    i searched through about 52 threads... is there a minimum actuation pressure that the transfer requires in order for the air-shift to function adequately/properly? since i don't need air for brakes anymore, i'm trying to design my air system on/off settings appropriately without having to...
  6. mudguppy

    5.9 Cummins, NV4500, Hydro-boost, and Disc Brakes

    The following is the result of a week of vacation and the last few weekends, preceded by almost a year of research and planning. Day 1 – Trans and Engine Pull I originally would have started the afternoon before, but that never goes as planned. So first thing in the morning of now Day 1, I...
  7. mudguppy

    Turbocator Installed

    So, i was finally able to get my hands on an guage and get it installed so i could turn up the fuel. :driver: so, doing some shopping i was able to find the R609-10 and R7603 thru my local diesel shop for $246 - i thought that price beat the pants off any other price i've found. anyway, the...
  8. mudguppy

    Latest addition to the Bob'd list...

    well, just wanted to introduce the newest asset to the community. :grin: specs: 16.00-20 XZLs hardtop w/ visor winch truck rear 12k# electric winch 6" lift springs PSC hydro steering kit OEM ultra lockers front and rear OEM lockout hubs custom rear traction bars stock multi (for now...)...
  9. mudguppy

    Bob'd deuce NJ to SC, late next week

    Looking to get a bob'd deuce 650 miles late next week (May 14/15). Pickup in Hammonton, NJ and deliver to Greenville/Spartanburg, SC area. It'll be on 16-20s and should be 20' and 11k#. Thanks.
  10. mudguppy

    sig test

    sig working yet??
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