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  1. Gordon_M

    Anyone a member of the forum?

    Registration open Good afternoon Steve, I normally keep the REGISTER link off, as we get swamped with spam every time we open it up. I have opened it now and you will see the REGISTER link top right on the forum pages. Please register, then send me an e-mail <> with a...
  2. Gordon_M

    1941 K18-C GMC Recovered today

    Nice If you are still wondering - stick with the 270. Solid, reliable, easy to gets bits, can't kill it with a stick and contemporary. Nothing to stop you looking for the 'right' engine, but stick with the 270 for now.
  3. Gordon_M

    True or not

    If only I had time to get to the T-36, but I'm having a garage clear out so maybe this year. Will keep you all posted. I think a general observation on all the WW2 stuff I've seen that has been shipped back is that none of it has been 'ordinary' It has all been armoured stuff, shipped back...
  4. Gordon_M

    True or not

    Yup, cab to the rear. The prototypes had the cab even further back
  5. Gordon_M

    True or not

    Just for interest From the top, Aqua Cheetah, half / three quarter ton amphibian, made about a dozen, later ones with Dodge engines. One came to Britain for testing but don't think we were impressed - wouldn't catch a DUKW on a bad day with half the plugs missing. Eliason Motor...
  6. Gordon_M

    True or not

    A search of the Library of Virginia Signal Corps collection returned hits on " tanks, diesel locomotives, useful vehicles, and a vast amount of used equipment " as individual subjects being returned to the US before the end of 1945 here's the 'vast amount' followed by the 'useful vehicles'...
  7. Gordon_M

    True or not

    Mr How long have you got? It did happen - a lot, and more than once. If you go to the Library of Virginia site and look at the Signal Corps collection from Hampton Roads, most of the stuff was being shipped out - but there were references in the text to vehicles being shipped back to the US...
  8. Gordon_M

    WF 32 Right hand drive

    There is a Build Card thread on the WW2 Dodge Forum; If you read that whole thread you should cover most of it Gordon
  9. Gordon_M

    WF 32 Right hand drive

    Well that moves us forward a little, from a quick look at the card.... South African destination mid war means it is a Detroit built export truck, and SA was / is RHD which explains that. The body code is '12' which is the code for a cab and chassis, so it had no body on it when it left the...
  10. Gordon_M

    WF 32 Right hand drive

    Dave is talking about stainless trim on the lower bars on each side - like the one missing bar. My best guess there is that the 1941 model front was designed with these extra trim pieces in mind, and the mounting holes for them were punched in the front grille for a good few trucks, but only a...
  11. Gordon_M

    WF 32 Right hand drive

    Be sure to post an image here please - some of the WW2 Dodge Forum contributors have done a bit of interpretation work on about a hundred Build Cards and may spot something you don't - my military OD 1939 TD turned out to have been bought by the US Treasury; ... but they probably used it for...
  12. Gordon_M

    1 1/2 Ton 4X4 Ambulance VF-407

    I had a pic in the back of it taken at the same sort of time, but it went west in a PC crash and never found it again. Inside was very ambulance-like, only real points it showed were the WC54 type fold down rear step, because the back of it was a heck of a height off the ground. Take a...
  13. Gordon_M

    Beautiful 1941 WC-40

    Nice, shiny. See how he kept the original gauge layout and substituted modern gauges? Done right.
  14. Gordon_M

    Anyone a member of the forum?

    REGISTER link is open on the forum today for Ken, and anyone else that needs it. Gordon
  15. Gordon_M

    WF 32 Right hand drive

    I've been back over the images and it is an absolutely stock 41 - 45 unit apart from the wheels and the right hand drive. That chassis number tells me it is Detroit built, and it is definitely a 1.5 ton WF, as the 1 ton equivalent WD had a different type of wheel altogether - a standard Budd...
  16. Gordon_M

    Progress photos of my WC-53 tear-down

    Watch the hood hinge length. The WC53 hood sat at an angle, like the WC54, so the hood hinge was just fractionally longer than the horizontal Command and Weapon Carrier hoods. John will know.
  17. Gordon_M

    Need VIN locations for WC-1 and WC-21

    Front left chassis rail, above the front spring front hanger. Seven or eight numbers, about 3/8" high, usually 1" below the top edge of the rail, but normally faintly stamped so no power told when cleaning up. WC 1 should have a seven digit chassis number and later truck will have eight.
  18. Gordon_M

    What did I find?

    1.5 ton WF series 1941-45. Not particularly rare, but a nice survivor and all there except for the bed. Original bed probably a standard flatbed, and not difficult to restore this one as it is basically the standard civilian 1.5 ton of the period and parts are common. Buy it and use it as it...
  19. Gordon_M

    My 1940 Dodge 1-1/2 Ton w/ winch

    Nice truck Have I got all your details on the V series survivors list? Can't remember
  20. Gordon_M

    Anyone a member of the forum?

    YAWN Somebody called ? WOLFEN, that's a lovely WC 53 in your signature - I'm sorry I sold it now. Right. WW2 Dodge Forum. Bert set it up, but we leave the registration shut as every day it is open we get 50+ spam signups and they all have to be deleted individually, which takes ages. If...
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