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  1. mcv1964

    Rally's near NW Montana? OK within 500 miles?

    Ok, I see all these rallies back east, in central US and in California. Are there ever any rallies close to NW Montana? Now understand close in Montana terms is within 500 miles. Just curious. My rig is a long ways from running and drivable but it doesn't mean I don't want to look and hang...
  2. mcv1964

    Confused? M211... G749... M135... Deuce vs early deuce....????

    Ok, just trying to get my head straight and this is no easy thing to! What is the difference in these threads between a "early deuce" and "deuce"? I see different threads using the models M211, G749 and M135. What is the difference in these models, are they the same basic vehicle...
  3. mcv1964

    NSN Numbers?

    I was looking for the NSN number for my 1951 M135. Found one site that after digging found two different numbers 2320008351 & 2320008352 but they were kind of vague and both numbers were issued in 1970? Anyone have any info on NSN numbers for early M135's or does the date really matter?
  4. mcv1964

    M135 - 1951 - Martin City Montana

    Well here it is! She comes home today along with my 1951 GMC School Bus! More pictures and probably A LOT of questions to follow! Going to have one awesome 1951 M135 School Bus RV when it's all said and done. (10 years from Hope this posts right.
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