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  1. dburt

    925, 813w/w, and a USMC 8606

    Just picked up an '83 vintage 925 with a new green camo hardtop. Good runner with just over 49K on the odometer. The 813 w/w I have had for a while, it is now a 'mobil hunting lodge'. And for the heavy lifting I really like my little USMC 8606! Even though it is only rated for 4K lbs, being a...
  2. dburt

    Would a 900 series still start and run after an EMP 'event'?

    Suppose that there was an EMP 'event'. It could be natural or man made. Are the 900 series trucks vulnerable to getting whatever computer or electronics that manage the engine or transmission 'fried'? I have an XM813 w/w and am told that it would not be affected if the battery were unhooked when...
  3. dburt

    XM813 W/W and solargizer - the start of a 'Rolling Home' project - I hope anyway!

    After being absent from this site for a while after I sold my deuce, I finally dropped the hammer on this 1970 Kaiser Jeep XM813 W/W 5-ton. It has about 29K on the clock and close to 1100 hours on the meter. Nothing special or fancy, just a rock solid reliable truck! I wanted power steering and...
  4. dburt

    An Aussie 5-ton RV conversion 'Mad Max Winnebago'

    This 'Aussie down under' came up with a really cool conversion of his own making on a 5-ton 6X6 Aussie x-military truck. Lots of good ideas here for your own RV type conversion- Rob Gray :: graynomad :: wothahellizat
  5. dburt

    814 Cummins highway fuel mileage?

    Been thinking of buying an 813 or 814 from back east- and it's a long ways to drive it back out west to NE Oregon. But the going average rate for for having it hauled out here is at least $2 a mile. So I have been debating with myself if it would be cheaper to catch a ride or fly back and drive...
  6. dburt

    Add Acetone for better diesel mileage?

    A few months ago a friend sent me info on a website that talked about the benefits, advantages, and "be carefuls" regarding Acetone as a diesel fuel additive for better MPG. (Sorry, I don't remember exactly what the website address is, I think it was a scholarly/government type site) At the time...
  7. dburt

    SoCal M818w/w on EbayMotors-1 day left

    Nice M818 5-ton tractor on EbayMotors right now, according to the description it is almost all new with a winch. It's over $12,000 right now with a day left to go, it will be interesting to see what it tops out at. I don't know how to post a thread to it, but it is easy to find under the...
  8. dburt

    Bobbed Deuce at IMP

    Alex and Frank just finished this nice little bobber at IdahoMotorPool. It has a 5-ton multi-fuel engine, Frank says it's a screamer.
  9. dburt

    Cold weather starting issue- starter relay?

    Went out to start my '72 Kaiser multi-fuel, temp about 20 degrees. Hit the starter button. Nothing. Assumed low battery charge, checked batteries. Had 26 volts total, about 12.5v on one and 13.5v on the other one. Deuce always started fine recently, coldest start was about 32 degrees. Is there...
  10. dburt

    Decoding 5-ton vin numbers?

    Does anyone know if the 5-ton vin numbers can be decoded like the Great Carnac does for the deuces?
  11. dburt

    Old WWII trucks in SE Oregon

    I found these two Dodge trucks and one 2-ton Studebaker in SE Oregon that are for sale. The one with the flatter hood is supposed to run. The other one has a very rusy cab and nothing is known of it's motor. The old Studebaker 2-ton truck last hauled sugar beets in 1990, but the Chev engine in...
  12. dburt

    M818 5-ton tractor for sale in Idaho

    A local person here in SW Idaho has this 1969 Kaiser multi-fuel tractor for sale. It shows 4,400 miles on the odomenter, but I cannot find a depot rebuild tag, so am unsure of the real mileage. The motor and undercarriage beneath the motor is really dirty with alot of caked on sludge, old oil...
  13. dburt

    Putting a deuce bed on a M818?

    I have not taken any measurements to see if a M35 2.5 ton deuce bed would be sized right to put on a 5-ton M818 semi-truck. But- there seems to be quite a few of them coming on the market right now (Idaho Motor Pool just got 10 of 'em!) and with thier shorter wheelbase then a standard M813 5-ton...
  14. dburt

    Change short coolant hoses on top of engine- advice needed

    Advice Needed- I have a minor leak of coolant coming from the two short connector hoses on the top of the engine. To replace these, it appears that a person needs to remove the small coolant "manifolds" that sit flat on the top of the head, to be able to slip the hoses and clamps on. Can I...
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