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  1. RedHeadTarn

    fried battery cable, holy c***p!

    So for the last 2 days my 1028 has been cranking slower and slower, even though my voltmeter said I had good voltage. Today I cranked it over and got a smell of smoke, and then nothing. I opened the hood and find that my battery cable end on the rear battery has melted off. Also, the cable was...
  2. RedHeadTarn

    Transmission Vaccuum Control

    So on page 3-64.1 of the TM it describes how to adjust the valve for proper shifting points. (Paragraph 3-21.1) The Illustration shows using the Valve guage block to do this. Does anybody know what this is? The picture has the number .696 on the block, is that the height of the block, could I...
  3. RedHeadTarn

    New 1028 and Road Trip!

    Alright, Finally got around to everything that I've been meaning to do! Bought a M1028 from a great guy on Craig's List who was being deployed to Texas and had 3 other vehicles already. This one was not currently running at the time, and he didn't have time to fix it, said his buddy told him it...
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