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  1. wgtactical

    MRAP parts identification

    There's lots of ways to clean these vehicles's what we did. Caiman photo album
  2. wgtactical

    LEO Caiman MRAP issue

    On the last Caiman we worked on, we did a battery delete and tied in on the main battery. You still use the battery case as a junction box, but you strip the batteries out of it.
  3. wgtactical

    Caiman MRAP for sheriff's department

    Here's a Caiman we performed some work on for a sheriff's department. Like all MRAP's, there's plenty of room for improvement on this equipment. Facebook Photo Album Videos: M16 testing Barrett M82 testing Heading Home
  4. wgtactical

    LEO MRAP Caiman power steering problem

    Might try draining the fluid and refill with new. If it were mixed with another type, foaming can happen.
  5. wgtactical

    Cadillac Gage V100 and V150 transfer case

    Checking and adjusting the balance on the transfer case gearing, both takeout and NOS from original packaging. As well as being exceptionally rare, the transfer cases are also known for their noise, and when you see just how much the gears are out of balance, you can have a better...
  6. wgtactical

    Pedestal Mount, Tank/Truck

    The Mk16 pintle mount will also fit, and I put a couple on my M114. I will see how many of the mounts I have like you have pictured and get back to you.
  7. wgtactical

    More Tracked stuff!

    PM sent Will
  8. wgtactical

    V100 mods

    Thinking I finally have a good TCM calibration.
  9. wgtactical

    New engine for the V100 - inspired by OSMW

    I am only aware of one person that is remanufacturing a v100 transfer case and he is on his third set of gears trying to get the proper backlash...the first set was too tight, the second was too loose but the proverbial third bowl of porridge seems to be juuuuust right. Fortunately for everyone...
  10. wgtactical

    New engine for the V100 - inspired by OSMW

    I don't like horseradish, but it doesn't bother me that someone else eats it :-P
  11. wgtactical

    v100 in 4th of July Parade

    I practically idled through the entire route...Definitely had my head on a swivel.
  12. wgtactical

    v100 in 4th of July Parade

    Here's a short video taken from our v100 in the annual 4th of July parade here in Carrollton. I also included a photo taken by someone on the parade route.
  13. wgtactical

    Bullet proof glass I've used these folks and their prices were quite a bit less than others that quoted my project. ETA: Glass weathers much better than acrylic or polycarbonate, but if you have a low traffic, indoor application it will work great.
  14. wgtactical

    4l80 swap into m114

    I've done it twice. The length is something that you'll need to work around and there's some creative U-joint work that can be done as well.
  15. wgtactical

    My M715

    Hello Jim, I built these using Budd bands and my own centers back in the 90's. I am thinking about making a set of adapters for current military aluminum wheels now since there are several types that should work out nicely. When that happens, I'll probably put the ones on it now on the market as...
  16. wgtactical

    I have v-100 Parts!

    PM sent
  17. wgtactical

    M114 Torsion Bar removal

    If there's not enough of the exposed bar to weld to, drive it out from the opposite side.
  18. wgtactical

    Paint color M114

    Last one I did was 24087 Rapco OD Green semi gloss exterior with seafoam green interior. Some of the earlier machines also had white interior.
  19. wgtactical

    My M715

    Thank you for the kind words. Mine rarely gets driven either and it still has stock ring and pinion gears, but does have lockers installed. At some point I'd like to do the overdrive transmission and a couple other things, but right now we still have too many irons in the fire.
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