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  1. 350TacoZilla

    LMTV-FMTV-MRAP axle info and 5T rockwell comparison

    Hey guys let me start by saying this is a bench racing/ future build type of thread that I have been thinking about. I wanted to get bit of info on the axles listed and what differences to look out for, I have seen ton of contradicting info on net and wanted to try and get some clear info from...
  2. 350TacoZilla

    Anyone in md/pa/va area picking up from Fort Bragg NC with extra room?

    I was bidding on few lots but ended up only getting 4 hummer tires off rims. I was thinking before I run down and back for them alone if someone else was already planning a pickup from there and had room for them I could chip in few bucks towards your fuel and meet up to grab them from you.
  3. 350TacoZilla

    MTVR wheels adapted to 5 ton

    Has anyone successfully adapted a set of mtvr rims to a 5 ton bolt pattern? I almost bought a set of wheels/tires sight unseen and luckily I asked for a pic of rim face to verify they were hemtt's (16.00r20 tires) but they are mtvrs. I have searched around and havent seen much about these wheels...
  4. 350TacoZilla

    Lockbourne OH preview needed

    Any chance someone near lockbourne could take a look at a lot for me? I asked GL a question on item and got a very generic response back that didnt answer the question. Please PM me on here for info
  5. 350TacoZilla

    Lockbourne OH preview needed

    wrong area please delete wrong area please delete
  6. 350TacoZilla

    M923 Bobber project

    I figured it was time to start a build thread for my M923, code name Ralph (from kids movie wreck it ralph, since main character is big,little slow and wrecks everything he touches). I will be putting few posts in from my new members thread...
  7. 350TacoZilla

    m985 NON beadlock wheels?

    I am trying to figure out if there was ever a NON beadlock and non lock ring style wheel offered for the hemtt's. I have seen few ads for hemtt wheels that are labeled wrong (FMTV wheels, 5 ton combats, MRAPS) but recently came across some that are supposed to be hemtt with 10 on 11.25" bolt...
  8. 350TacoZilla

    395's on stock 5 ton rims

    Has anyone ever mounted 395 tires on the stock 923 rims (non a1-a2 wheels) . I have seen deuce guys run them on their stock rims so I would think they would be fine on the stock dually rims , I do not plan to run them as duals as I know they would be too wide and too close together. i plan to...
  9. 350TacoZilla

    any weight rating problems with bobbed 5T?

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows what would happen if you get pulled over hauling something in bed of a bobbed 5 ton, they look at data plate and it shows 3 axles where you have 2 what do you think they would do about the weight ratings? Also where does the gov get 31600 total weight when...
  10. 350TacoZilla

    m923 no reverse

    looking at a 923 and states "drove onto lot" and that was all info given, so i drove to check truck out and guy casually goes "yeah runs good but no reverse i think its the linkage". My thing is I dont want to get one of these trucks just to need a massive trans swap, is it entirely possible he...
  11. 350TacoZilla

    new from MD

    I stumbled on this forum multiple times when researching some military trucks over the years and always meant to join but never did till now when I was searching for pics of a m923a2 with 16.00's. I have had few Military trucks over the years some just as parts trucks others as runners...
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