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  1. Nick

    Can I post this here??

    Ive posted pics in the trailers section, but never really given the truck its time in the spotlight. Not a military truck or restoration, but its root are from the military and it was always known as that. Hope theres some new viewers that haven't seen it from the trailers section...
  2. Nick

    Is there a such thing as a 1941 1/2 ton wc trailer??

    Question was asked on another forum. Any info would be appreciated Thanks nick
  3. Nick

    Old style combat rims on a trailer

    Does anyone have the older style combat rims on their trailer? Can ya post pictures of them if you do. I have a set Im going to put on my Power Wagon and was wondering how they would look on the trailer. Then to find a set if they look good. Id like the trailer to match the truck
  4. Nick

    M101 Tailgate and tie downs

    So Ive noticed a few of these trailers have the tie down clevices and brackets on the back. Mine didnt when I got it. But I wanted them back there. So I had some made and welded em on where they should go. Not long after I did, I figured out why it didnt have them. When the tailgate is opened...
  5. Nick

    For you trailer camper mod enthusiasts

    Check out this set up: Problem fixed. I like it!! Nick
  6. Nick

    Trailer registration storage

    Im looking for something decent looking and somewhat period correct for storing the registration on my 52 M101. This way the registration is with the trailer and not in my truck when I loan it out or whatever. I keep seeing those clear plastic bubble lookin things and I'm not crazy about em...
  7. Nick

    M101a lunette

    Is the lunette on an M101a1 flippable? Theres a keyway, but are there two to be able to flip it? Thanks Nick
  8. Nick

    First good load haul

    :driver: Last week I made a trip from central Ca to Orange County Ca with a load of four Dodge Flathead motors in my '52 M101. We estimate the total weight around 300 to 400 lbs a motor. My M101 was spectacular!! I was worried when we got em all loaded as the trailer continued to squat lower...
  9. Nick

    Pintle safety chain plate

    Does anyone have an extra plate like this or know where I can get one or two? Sorry now I didnt buy it when I saw it on ebay, cant find em now. Thanks Nick
  10. Nick

    Boarding ladder mounts

    I am brainstorming for how to be able to use my boarding ladder with my M101 whan camping, or just needing to get in with the tailgate closed. What Im thinking is, since I dont want to cut holes in the tailgate or frame, I have bent the tabs on the top of the ladder flat. I then would take two...
  11. Nick

    One more detail and shes DONE!!

    Well I picked up my M101 from thee paint shop the other day. I like the color, Im glad I got to see it on something before I get my 48 Power Wagon painted the same color. I like it. One detail left to do. I asked the paint shop to recreate the tailgate stencil. I guess I wasnt clear enough...
  12. Nick

    Data plate restoration

    I checked the simiar thread listing, and I noticed its been said before to just get new data plates instead of trying to repaint older ones. Mine is still legible, but its got some serious what looks and seems like hard water, or calcium on it. The problem is, no one has just plain M101 plates...
  13. Nick

    1952 M101 clearance lights

    Did 50's era trailers have side clearance marker lights? Ive been thinking of whether I wanna put the typical truck trailer side markers on or not. I dont think it would be original, but whatta ya all think?? Guess it also depends on if I can get the buld for em in 6volt, or someday convert the...
  14. Nick

    Trailer plug disassembly

    Can the style plug seen laying on the floor here be disassembled? I have the intervehicle cable, but one end is the male plug and one end is female, I want to chance it to two male plugs. I have another cable for the second male plug but I cant seem to get either cable apart. Thanks Nick
  15. Nick

    Tie down anchors

    The front end of my M101 has the tie down anchors, but the back doesnt. Id like to find the same kind for the back, if at all possible, and weld them on. Can anyone help with where I might be able to find these kind of mounts? Thanks Nick
  16. Nick

    Front mounted spare and dumping

    I have mounted the spare tire carrier Chris Case made for me mentioned in another thread. But now my M101 wont dump. I can tilt it by hand without the tire, brakes locked or not. But as soon as the tire is on, it wont tilt, brakes locked. I know a Budd rim and NDT are heavy, but is it enough...
  17. Nick

    Landing leg crank

    Attached are pisc of the adjustable landing leg for my M101. The crank I made to temporarily use has used it temporaryness. The weight of the trailer has egged out the end and its not usable anymore. So Im looking for a crank to use to adjust this leg. Any ideas, suggestions, better yet, does...
  18. Nick

    boarding ladder for M101

    I see alot of post for boarding ladders for alot of other vehicles. Is there one that would work for an M101? If there is does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with? In making my 101 a part time camping trailer, I'd like to have a decent ladder for allowing the wife to get in and out...
  19. Nick

    m101 wire harness

    Im looking for the proper wire harnesses to connect my M101 to my Power Wagon. With the connector box shown, what cables do i need to go from this box to the rest of the trailer, and from this box to my truck? I have found lots of cables in the TM's, but Im not sure what part numbers from...
  20. Nick

    M101 gates and bows

    So once again, Im using pictures of someone else's trailer. If the owner of this trailer is on here, please forgive me, but alot of what you have done, I want to do. So, after a long drawn out search, I have found the brake handles I needed. Now I'm building the gates and bows with all new...
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